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Chocolate Chip Cookies

63 pieces
35 solves
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I don't think so Louisee.....


Marian has anyone beat lordmojo? These look delicious. Thanks for posting.


Thanks Dize5.....


A great puzzle


I have controlled myself Lambchop and placed the cookies up high where I can't really see them. I tried a new recipe but was not entirely happy with them as I like them to be a little on the soft side but I have another recipe I will try and if they work out I will repost (if there are any left to take a photo of....)


They look yummmmmmy. I'm not doing the puzzle as I'm sure I would gain a pound or 2 :)


This photo was not even half the amount of cookies I baked and now there are just a few cookies left....every Sunday is an open invitation for our daughter and son to come for family dinner if they would like, and so far they have never failed in showing up. Most of the cookies were gone in no time. A friend gave me the recipe but her cookies were softer and more chewey, so I will have to try again. I liked her cookies much better.


I could've eaten the whole plateful in the time it took me to do the puzzle, tougher than it looks. But they look delicious!


Your photo and your cookies, Marian? Wow! They sure look delicious!!!