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Just loving all of the choices folks have made! With each comment, I look to the puzzles and count up, down, left or right, to see which one you each like the most! Thank you for joining in the fun Lyndee, Patti, Laura, Shirley, Maryrob, robryan and cevas!


Great picture-puzzle! Thanks Suzy. It really makes me want to visit Ireland!!!


Hard to choose - but the sunny yellow one gets the final vote Suzy!! Thanks for the fun puzzle :))


I like em all, but I really like that big green one on the top row.A very pretty puzzle,Thanks Pumpkin.


Red door with the white rounded arch, third row down, third in from the left, Thanks, Suzy.


Mine is the same as Patti's...third row down, third in from left.


Third row down, 3rd door in! Thank you Suzy! That was fun!


Since the one second from the right and second from the top is the color of my front door, I would like that one plaese. Changing to another color would only confuse me!!!!


It's yours, Chickie!
Why ask why, snooker? :)
Keep on doing the self talk, green Warbler!
OH NO, Ginger! Not meant to give you jitters!!!


I just get in a jitters when I have to make a difficult choice Suzy~~~~~~~jitterrrrrrs! Tehee.


Red is always welcoming,...but stone framework is desirable.... oh astoop or cornice is good... lets see, glass to peek out....

Why are you asking hard questions? :)


I like the aqua one with 9 panes. : )


Pleased you liked the brightness, Putter!
Aren't they wonderful, Jim?
Take your time, Lorna. You can change your mind as often as you like! :)
Wise choice, Beekay. You have a good eye for detail!
A Happy St. Paddy's to you as well, smllpkg!
One can learn a lot about folks from the doors they pick, Francine....the color they select, whether the door is solid or has windows in it, whether the entrance is recessed, simple, grand..... I like the upper window in the one you selected and can just imagine the light shining through that into an entranceway. A fine choice!


So many. The second row down from the top (got that?) furthest right, the turquoise door surrounded by white with an upper fan window looks quite inviting and cheerful. Hee-hee, Suzy. I'm aware you really didn't want to know. Good puzzle title. :)


"The Doors of Ireland" I bought a poster like this when I was there. Happy St. Paddy's to you!


Way too hard to chose, but I am thinking the one with the life preserver must be by the beach so that will be my choice :-))


The third from the right, second row down, or the third from left second row up. or..... Great puzzle Suzy, thanks!


A hard choice, Suzy! My favorites are the doors with the fan lites above.


Love this, pumpkinhead! Thanks for such a cheery puzzle!