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Wednesday's Dozen! (small)

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I think I'm somewhere in the middle of you all. I like white dinnerware, but loads of colours in everything else - placemats, napkins, serving bowls, water jugs etc. And a little like Pat, I don't buy the expensive stuff. I buy my dinnerware from a Hospitality industry supplier, 'cos it's built to last. And if you do happen to break one, you can always find the type you bought last time, and can buy them in single plates! Bonus!!

Oh, and I really enjoyed this collage, Jan! Love the 3x4 for a change, and the four pointed star in the top right corner!! Thanks Jan! :)))


I'm really laughing at our different ways of seeing things, that you call mixey matchy stiff and formal, whereas I think of it as just the opposite! I think of formal as all the napkins matching all the placemats or the tablecloth, and all the dishes being the same (those earthenware ones I mentioned are in several colors, and I mix those around the table, too)! Yes, I guess it's a little more regimented than having everything be one of a kind with no coordination, so I guess in that sense it's more formal, but if you'd ever seen my table settings, I doubt that you'd call them stiff! "Weird", maybe... LOL!


I love all of the odd shapes and kaliedos. Don't like mixey, matchy. Too stiff and formal and not pleasing to the eye. Have always liked off center and serving smorgasbord style--take what you want leave the rest.


You are a woman after my own heart in the different pattern department! !!! Great ideas!
And, I am glad you liked this one!


I am a mix and match person myself, Jan, when it comes to setting a table (as well was when it comes to food--love a smorgasbord, as I've said many times before!). I use cloth placemats and napkins for every meal--not tablecloths--and if I see a great geometric or floral pattern, say, I'll buy 3 each of the placemats and napkins, and then 3 more of coordinating solid colors. (And since I've acquired many solid colors over the years, I often don't have to even buy those.). Then I set the table with a mix, each person getting one item patterned and one solid. (I remember one day a year ago, when my son said that he knew that I wasn't the one who set the table, because the placemats were the same as the napkins, not mixed--and he was right--my daughter had set it!). I also love getting "china" at the dollar store (they sell heavy earthenware types, every so often), or when it's on sale in supermarkets--I have a dozen or more sets of 6, and when I tire of them, I give them to Good Will, and get more, because it's cheap enough to do that. (Our good china was used constantly when we first got married--we didn't save it for "occasions", but we got tired of it over the years, and we can justify switching the inexpensive stuff on a whim!).

ANYWAY, (I can go on, can't I?!), my point is that I agree with you about liking the idea of having many different patterns to use together, and I agree with everyone else about loving that in this puzzle, too! :-)))


Katie, I am so glad you liked the triangular one. I make the "odd shaped" ones quite often, but they seem to be a bit too irregular to use often. Maybe I'll make an all "oddball" puzzle and see how that works. Thanks so much for your comments.


Hi Jan, so delightful to find a whole dozen in one!!! My favorite is the triangular one in the bottom row. I really enjoyed this - thanks!


Hester - Thank you for making me smile first thing in the morning (6am to be exact!)! You know, I always wanted to have nice "china dishes" that were each of a different pattern for when we entertained. Now I have the solution right in front of me! Great idea!


This was like a bonus today. Like finding extra eggs when I go to collect. Wonderful selection. Another real Smorgasbord. Thanks Jan


Just look what you found when you were clearing out those kitchen cupboards, Jan! ;-)) Lots of little treasures to spoil us with! Thankyou :-))