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Door Knocker ~ Durham Cathedral

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Hi dk ~ A masterpiece of Romanesque (or Norman) architecture. Begun in 1093 and largely completed within 40 years.
Very close to it, Gothic art developed in France in the mid-12th century.


Hi oddio, gerdje, patsyanne & Kari ~ I'm happy everyone, in one way or the other enjoyed this puzzle.
Kari ~ Yes, locking doors!! LOL
patsyanne ~ You are correct....I'll be posting more of these. Not reruns but others I found. Hope you'll enjoy all of them!! :)))

Apropos locking doors Joyce - if you had this one you wouldn't need locking your door.... :D. This is a fantastic historical article. Thanks :-))

gerdje - often the historical purpose for such design was to scare the devil and dark forces away so they wont enter the church/cathedral.

Reminds me of the series you did a year or so ago, Joyce, or is my memory wrong. This was fun to do, thanks.

my first vieuw said to me : a very angry man---go away do not enter.
my secund vieuw said : this is a nice man, he likes me---come in.
my logical option is that the eyes-holes were filled up with some material first.
a cathedral door knocker has to invite people or not?


Another good one. :>)