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Yarn Kaleidoscope

36 pieces
109 solves
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Good point! I hadn't thought about the effect on clarity of increasing a small image size. Oh well. I guess if they are small images, they will always create the little pieces. And thanks for being OK with the butt in! LOL


When I mess too much with the image size, the clarity changes. But I know you can change the size of the pieces by clicking on the plus or minus buttons on the broken puzzle page. I always make those huge puzzles with lots of images smaller so I can see more of it at one time.
And feel free to butt in any time you want! LOL!


Excuse me for butting in here Gail, but I think what Mary may be referring to could be that when the image size is quite small, it makes the puzzle pieces quite small too. It's to do with the number of pixels of the actual image. I know the maximum size you can post is 1024x960 pixels. My singles are usually around 650x650. And my 3x3's are usually around 1000x1000. To give you an example of the difference in the way it affects the puzzle piece size, compare the puzzle pieces on this puzzle of yours, to this one of mine which is also 36 pieces.

I'm wondering if this is coming about because you are cropping the image? Or maybe you can just make the image size bigger in sumo, through the Image menu, and then select image size? I'm not so sure about that, 'cos I don't use sumo myself. But it looks fairly straight forward.

I hope you don't mind me butting in. It's in the spirit of being helpful. :)))


If you click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen when the puzzle breaks apart, you should be able to make the pieces bigger.
I'm glad you liked the puzzle.


Love it! It came together much easier than I thought it would. Love the smaller ones even though the small pieces are harder to work with. 2:47 Thanks, Gail!


No problem, Kirsten. I don't expect to be in the lead. And when Barbara L. gets to them, she'll beat us all! Thank you for your encouraging comments.


Oops! Sowwy Gail. And this is a little cutie. Thanks. :)))