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Beech Tree - Taken Dec 29, 2012

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Thank you, friends, for correcting me. This is not an oak, it's a beech.


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Giggles.. I'd say sumthin like Its a tree that has some leaves
Great pic LJ


Thanks, pumpkin, niccolino59 and Maryrob. I probably won't make that mistake again!


It's a fine looking little beech LJ,thank you .


So beautiful, thank you!


I am not beeching about the misname. It's a fine picture.


Jack, yes you are right. Sometimes simple is best. Thanks!
Dondi, thanks for helping me with the identity of this tree.
Lorna, Cathy, Dottie and Pat...thank you very much. You ladies always encourage me!
PG, well suprise, suprise, I am wrong again. Sigh. Thank you for setting me straight. And done so creatively, too.
Roseheather, you and PG are pretty funny.
Dottie, we are all in the same boat, going down the wrong stream.
Roseheather, what a story! We don't forget ones like that.
Ank, thankyou for confirming it's a beech.
Life's a beech!


A beautiful photo Laura, and I love the color against the snow. But it's a Beech indeed.


True story, have to share:

Exchange students at our local high school. My friend, their English teacher, had assigned book reports. One of the girls didn't have a report to turn in and claimed that she didn't know about it. Another, from a different country, said "yes, you knew, I saw the information in your room." The one who claimed not to know about the assignment shouted at the other, "You beech!" ; ) My friend, always the teacher, said, That would be "b_itch."


Correcting Dottie...aka's a beech! I thought the same thing, roseheather! :)


Thank you, Laurajane for this post. Without it we never would have discussed oak/beech.

Until my return from NC recently I too would have thought any with leaves in my area were oak. I was amazed to see those son of a beech [with thanks to PG ; )] in our wooded areas along the highway.


I enlarged the photo and it is a son of a beech not an oak tree.


It is a young one...Very pretty ..


I love those oaks that hang on to their leaves until spring when the new buds push them off. Only thing is, you have to rake again! :) Thanks, Laurajane!


I like this one too!!


Nice photo, whatever kind of tree it is!


You're right, it doesn't look like oak leaves. I never knew that about beeches; I could have made the same mistake.


a simple picture can be beautiful!


You know, roseheather, anything is possible. You may very well be right. I just assumed it was an oak because of the fact that the leaves were hanging on so long.


Yes, naner, that's why it caught my eye! Thank you and thank you, too, Patti, for stopping in this evening.


Thank you for posting this. I so love the leaves that hang on, on oak trees in the winter. Thanks for posting this.

Hum. Could this be a beech? The leaves don't look like oak. I saw beech trees in NC in December, and they too hold their leaves. Then I discovered that there are beech in the wooded areas of MI as well, but the beech wasn't as pale as the beech in NC.


Nice contrast.


Love it! Thank you!