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International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is a day for the dogs. And, that's because there is no one else who can really appreciate the true value of a dog biscuit. They say "Every dog has his day". And, it will definitely be his day, when you give him some tasty dog biscuits.

Dog biscuits have possibly been around since at least Roman times, though they were far from the kind of dog treats we pamper our furry friends with today. The earliest dog biscuits were actually very old, hard, stale bread. Back then "bad bread" was considered "dog's bread." To be honest, dogs of the time were probably quite happy to get them.

By the 19th century hunters would give sporting dogs hard barley meal biscuits for energy on a hunt. Grain-only biscuits were slowly upgraded to include vegetables, meat and bone meal. These were homemade and, of course, did not come in any fun shapes or flavours.

According to legend, in the late 1850's, an electrician from Cincinnati named James Spratt saw a bunch of dogs crunching on the cheap, rock-hard biscuits sailors of the day would eat on ships. That sparked an idea for Spratt and in 1860 he created Spratt's Patented Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes. They were made with meat and sold as dog food.

As dogs evolved from guards and workers to beloved companions and family members, so has the humble dog biscuit evolved. There are still plain dry dog biscuits around, but the dog snacks and treats that really show the love are far more intriguing to a dog's sense of taste and smell, and desire to chew. Today's dog treats and snacks reward good behaviour. They motivate dogs to do tasks or perform entertaining tricks. Dog treats communicate your love and affection in a language all dogs understand.


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Thank you PJ, your appreciation is most welcome, I too love reading all the comments, and sometimes having the pleasure of meeting new people... I love this site!!!


Thanks Dogdaze - well done for knowing!! I'm sure you and your doggie friends have celebrated in style since you had advance knowledge! :~)


Thanks whatnauts - your sister's dog was interesting, I wonder why that was? I noticed lots of recipes when I was doing my research, and wondered if anyone used them... now I know!


Mandy - oh, great. I appreciate your wonderfully composed puzzle and your so nicely formulated information. It was so interesting, and reading the comments is so fun.
Mandy, thank you so much.


WOOF!!..........Today is a great day!..................(I knew)........


Another day for the dogs, who knew!!!! LOL I made all my pooch's biscuits for years. There's lots of recipes available on the interweb. My sister's dog would only eat hard biscuits if she was in the car. Otherwise she would only eat soft treats. Thanks for another fun puzzle, monza.


I won't say a word, Wendy :~) LOL!


Mandy, don't ever let anyone know this. When I was young we had six wonderful dogs and we gave them MILK-BONE dog biscuits and occasionally I'd take a bite of one. They were very tasty, but because I thought I might turn into a dog, I'd only take a small bite.*

*...or that I might turn into a dog biscuit.


Thanks to you all - PK, Rosie, PD, Michelle, Katie, and Edie.... I love reading your comments, and if I still had a dog I'm sure I'd be suckered by the doggie shapes - I do remember I used to sneak some of the dogs' biscuits when I was a kid... and they were HARD!!!


Glad everyone enjoyed my story but what seemed the funniest to me was that he didn't say anything about the taste. Just that they were hard. He ate three of them. I tasted a little corner and would not have eaten them. Oh they also had two packets of beef Bovril and some peanut butter.


What a great day for dogs! There are some wonderfully funny stories from others here. Pat D. made me laugh out loud at her description of what dogs think of the biscuit shapes! My sister's dogs love Altoids! Mostly because my brother-in-law eats them and then shares, so they think they're getting a really special treat. Thanks for another day of good fun Mandy!


Oh, another good excuse to pamper our lot! I loved the info and shared it out loud with my husband. That sailor's hard tack would have been good to clean the tartar off their teeth too...have you ever had it? Note to my much, much younger self: Never sneak some one of the bag and think that you're getting away with something from your mom. Ouch! Those babies need to be soaked but good to be edible for humans!

I laughed at Edie's comment but, to be honest, they were probably quite good. After all, she made "human grade" bickies! My daughter keeps swearing that one of these days she's going to put some of the fancy decorated dog bickies out for Christmas and watch my father go at them...he'll eat anything! ;-D


Maggie and Cassie and grandboy Finneus all thank you for remembering this wonderful and important occasion! LOL!

I am a typical consumer, who gets suckered in by the fun shapes myself, although I know perfectly well that my dogs don't care that the biscuit looks like a cat or a mailman or a shoe--it could look like a Ouija board or a bottle of Kaopectate, and they'd still scarf it down quite as enthusiastically! Thanks for the fun, Mandy! :-)))


I too am a lover of these "Who knew" puzzles. The education along with the entertainment is a wonderful, sneaky way to maintain the teacher in you and the student in each of us. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into each day. My family also thanks you as I post them on my facebook page now so all can see instead of sending only to certain people. All of my family and friends can use the education.


LOve this one and I'm with Ardy about the story... so funny...thanks Hugs


Thank you Ardy, your appreciation really does mean a lot to me! I am thankful the internet is on hand... :~)


I'm still laughing at Edie's story and your reply, Mandy. I would love to have seen the look on her husband's face after knowing he was eating dog biscuits. LOL Your puzzles are delightful and, Mandy, I'm so impressed each day with all the extra you add with the information your have researched. I think it is so wonderful that you take your time to do all this. THANK YOU so much.


Edie - I love your story!! How funny. I wish I'd seen your husband's face when you told him!! Thanks for sharing it. :~)


Welcome patsquire... I'm happy to hear you liked the montage, and thank you for leaving your nice star on the board :~)


I can't find out where it originated Magda, or how it became "International" - but I'm so happy that you enjoy being surprised each morning with what day it is!! Thanks for telling me :~)


Thanks Barb, I hope the dogs enjoy their treats today :~)


Thanks for all this info Mandy. This reminds me of last summer when I decided to make my boys some home made cookies. Didn't have a recipe but added things like oats, grated carrots, eggs, bran some honey and put them in a tin. Well on the weekend when my husband was home he told me that my cookies were kind of hard and he had to dunk them in his tea. I told him that the dogs didn't have any complaints.


What a delightful montage!


It is true. On waking I used to think, oh, today is Monday, nothing to do, or Friday, work. Now it is a surprise: Wonder what day it is. I love surprises! Thanks


No history on this one? Must have been declared by the manufacturer of dog biscuits!!!


Thanks for serving up these tasty treats for our dogs, Mandy. Just love these Who Knew puzzles. :-))