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April Multi-Layers (Smaller)

48 pieces
143 solves
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Thanks, Ardy (another quirk of our language--do you think people started saying that back when they thought the earth was flat?!), Mandy, and Francine. I'm surprised no one called them tiddlywinks--that's a popular description, too! :-)))


Thanks, Pat. Had loads of fun - great colours. (2:49)


I love these multi-layers Pat - they look more like frisbees than balloons though!!


Lovely Pat. Thanks. I never thought of it before but we do say the four corners of the earth when round things don't have corners. Now that IS confusing.


It's bright and blustery here, too--if these were balloons, they would have been scattered to the four corners of the (round! LOL!) earth by now! Thanks, Barb, Katie, and Edie. :-))


Cheery colours for a beautiful sunny day. Thanks Pat


Hi Pat, I agree with Barb - so nice and brightly warm. It's still pretty cold at my house too! I want warm spring temperatures!!!


Such a lovely and bright, and dare I say warm puzzle, Pat. Now if only we could get the same type of weather. Mind you, it is bright here with the sun shining but there's a very cold wind too.
Thanks for the lovely colourful puzzle, Pat. :-)