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Hi Donna! Sorry so late getting back to you. I'm slow, too, and just take my time enjoying the puzzle I'm working on. I have one started that has 1,000 pieces that I work on upstairs in our bonus room. No hurry, just when I have a minute to run up there and put a few pieces together. Have a great day! : )


What a refreshing and peaceful picture. Just so adorable to look at and it makes me SMILE. Thank you for posting this, Dottie. Yes, the Falcons played very hard and very good and I hated for them to lose. If they had gotten the "toss" to start first, they may have won, but it didn't happen. I am catching up on our puzzles little by little but some of my times are long. :)) I'm slow but I get there and love the puzzles. I just pick and choose the ones I really want to do so that I won't be all day. (ha) Have a great day and I hope we do not have storms tonight.


Iris, I felt the same way when I first saw it. So sweet! Thanks for stopping by. ≧◠‿◠≦


So perfect! Grins!☺♥♥


I saw that, Cuz! I can't believe how many friends you have. I don't think I know that many people! Haha!!


Yay, Cuz. I saw your post and I responded. Finally! :)


Thank you, Hester, for your sweet comment. I agree with you. : )


Hi Cuz. I posted on your timeline under your other name. :)


This is a real heart warmer. Thanks, Dottie! Hester :-))


Ok, Cuz. I posted on your page and also private messaged you.


Belinda, I don't know if FB has changed some things about the messages but I did send you a reply...not sure how I got it to go to you, but I think it did. Can you post on my timeline? I couldn't post on yours. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I will look now. I deleted my FB address on here also. Thanks, Cuz!


Cuz, I just sent you a message on FB under my real name, which I don't want to use on Jigidi.


Thank you so much for your great comments, snookieb, davital, Bonnie, Haney and Agathe!!

Haney, we sure did play a hard game and we still lost! But it was a good game.

Made my day, thanks .


Good morning, Dottie. We slept late today. We "played" a hard game game in the Super Bow. Love this puzzle...words and scene!
Haney :-)


What a great find Dottie, so cute :))


So cute!

love this