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Bizarre Flower

30 pieces
134 solves
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PJ, thank you for your comment. :-)


It was fun to solve Wendy, and the colors were deleicately balanced.


Thank you, whatnauts. A good deal of credit has to go to the kaleidoscope program though.


Exquisite design.


Mandy, OK, I'll go along with that. Maybe the reason I had it in my "Maybe Post" folder for so long is because I check that folder out often and I liked looking at it.

Ardy, if I posted an all white puzzle, you'd be able to see the white doves flying through the clouds on a winter day. LOL ;-)

Thank you, Mr. Bugosi. :-)


Yes, very nice....especially the colours.....


Lovely, Wendy. I see bluish Tiki faces around the outer ring. Adds an exotic touch. Thanks.


Not bizarre, beautiful!!! The colour combinations are so subtle especially those watery blues in the centre, this is something I could hang on my wall and enjoy looking at for a very long time!!! Thanks Wendy.


OK, Katie. That seals the deal! I'll definitely make more. :-)


Beautiful!!! So many additional details in this design can be seen in the finished puzzle. It's so quietly gorgeous. Thanks for posting it Wendy!


Oh, mariasha, I almost missed you. Luckily I knew how many comments were on this when I saw 5 I figured someone snuck a comment in while I wasn't looking. I'm glad it was fun. I'm thinking that I might make more of these after all.


Thank you, Jill! I really love this one but the pieces look like they'd be tough to put together even in this very small size...which is why I waited as long as I did. I LOVE the colors as well. And I suppose you still haven't seen a puzzle I made for you awhile back. ;-)

I decided to do some quickie/little puzzles this morning...and this was fun...thanks Wendy!


I would say "Exquisite Flower", Wendy. The colors in this are beyond exceptionan. I love it! Thanks!


Linda, thank you. I've had it in my "Maybe Post" folder forever...and I finally decided that it needed to be posted. :-)


Beautiful! I love the color combination. Thanks for sharing it.