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Sunset in the Caribbean!

36 pieces
124 solves
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You are SO welcome, Warbler! I am glad you enjoyed it!


I love sunsets and this is a GREAT one!! Thanks!


Thanks, Ank! I've been so busy that I've had to bookmark a bunch of great looking puzzles, myself!

Jack - Thank you so much. It really was beautiful!


wonderful sunset JB


Wow Jan, I have to bookmark. Can't keep my eyes open. It was tooooo late, uh ... or to early....


Well, now I KNOW I've lost my mind! It came, It was seen, It left! Oh Well! I was Jigidi cursing because it would not post yesterday and you had it all along. Then it went away? OMG how weird!!

Ardy - I love cruising......even in a rowboat! I am glad you like this one. We have lots more!


Beautiful, Jan. I've never been on a cruise. This is an especially lovely shot. Thanks for sharing.


I think I worked one similar yesterday, too. And I liked so much I worked it again. Kind of like "deja vu puzzle". I like that! LOL!


Ah, the disappearing, reappearing sunset! I have this strange feeling of deja vu! (I solved it really quick yesterday and then it disappeared on me...had no time to leave a message telling you that it was beautiful.) ;-D