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finch on the feeder today 1-10-13 in the snow

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Lovely. I don't know how I missed this one. I left you a note on the puzzle that has more pieces.


Brrrrrrrrrr, that's cold, we have 32F at the moment with sun. The first sun in a week or two. So it's lovely now.


Ank, thanks for stopping, got about 7 more inches of snow last night and suppost to be down to -10*F tonight, but right now the sun is shinning and everything is beautiful.


love it


MerryChristmas, The finch seem to love the socks the best, can hang on even in the wind.

Chrissie, Just love watching them from my warm inside of the window.

jc and cm, went out in the snow ~ got about 6" so far and 25 mph. wind to get these posts (can I get a little TLC?)

Monica, Had a flock of about 70 finch around today, as long as I keep the feeders full they come around, sometimes I get red finch also but have not seen any yet this winter. The green is a tupperware bowl to keep the squirrels out of the food ~ they rip the sacks and spill all the seed out on the ground in about 5 minutes without the bowl. My own contraption, I am going to improve on it next summer...but it works, for now.


Beautiful Kathy! Just plain beautiful! I love all birds, and wished we got more of them where we live! I think it's just too plain hot for them! Their the smart ones, not like us who stay and bake in that hot, hot sun. What is that green pail on top of the feeder?


Pretty shot pilley.




Hope they have good insulation... how they survive in that climate is amazing. No doubt aided by your gift of food :-) Thanks for the puzzles and for feeding the critters.

yuppers...those crazy lil finch love those socks