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How I spent my Thursday evening.

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Turns out that I've been walking around with a broken bone in my foot for almost 4 weeks now. It's lined up and healing well so hopefully the cast won't have to be on too long.


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Great!!!! -))))))))))))


Thanks PJ, I was away all day yesterday but I found it now. It's just so cute, I love it :-)))


Dear Edie - I've just made a special relaxing room - where you even can bring some of your chicks, LOL,


Thanks Jacques, nice to see you. Hope you're doing well.


speedy recovery sweetie


I wish there was something exciting to tell on how I did this Hester. Waking up with it like this seems rather boring :-))


Oh good grief, Edie! What have you been and gone and done to yourself ?! Try to take it easy ( ha! As if THAT'S likely ! LOL ), rest up and take all the pain relief you can get!!


Thanks Marilyn, I have the meds just waiting for the speedy recovery :-))


I read the comments. I wish you speedy recovery and very good pain medication.


Good to hear Edie!!! And hopefully you do have some help with the chickens...


Thanks PJ. Mine is nothing so serious as your broken leg. The cast is more of a nuisance than the broken bone is. I'm hoping to be done with it soon :-))


Dear Edie - hope the boken piece of bone is healing well and that you feel better, and that you still get help with the animals....
I broke my leg skiing in the mountains some years ago, and I could not even stand up. (And a long story... ) and I had to wear a cast for 5 months - so all my sympathy with your practical difficulties.
I second Rainiqui's suggestions....
All the best Edie,


Thanks Jan, I had a better night sleep than the first two so I'm hoping that the day goes better as well :-))


Oh you poor dear! I can't add anything new to what everyone else said. I will be sending virtual hugs and good thoughts. I certainly hope this ends soon for you, my friend. :)))))


Thanks Florrie. Right now everything aches so the foot is the least of my problems. I do have some stronger prescription pain medication which I will take tonight and try and get more than the 4-5 hours that I've been getting. Now that I've cut the cast I'm hoping tomorrow will be better :-)))


I've seem those Raini. If I last long enough to get to a store I may try one out. I do have a cane which I used the first day and it took some pressure off my foot. Now the problem is in my hip and back. I've put something out from the way I'm walking. IMO the cast was to high, about 2" under my knee. This gave me no mobility in bending my leg when I walked. I used tin snips to cut a "U" shape about 4" down the front of the cast . Not it feels better when I walk. I also trimmed back around my big toe where the skin was red from rubbing into the cast and close to forming a blister. I packed cotton under the cut area and that seems better now as well. If I can get some sleep tonight then tomorrow my be a better day :-)))


I have crutches Mandy but because I need to use my hands and carry stuff I didn't find them very helpful. I use the tractor during the day to get back and forth between the house and the chickens and that cuts down on the walking but I was getting sores where the cast meets my foot so I took tin snips and cut away the areas that were rubbing. It seems to have helped somewhat. Thanks


Thanks Gail. Kids were here and did a lot of stuff that I've been neglecting over the last two days so that was a big help.


Edie ~ Sometimes I have a lot of difficulty walking if I have a pseudogout (not the same as gout and affects much larger areas) flare. What I found worked the best was using a single arm crutch - it has a handle at hand level and a cuff that goes around your upper arm. You support your weight with your hand on the handle.

I think it's great because you don't necessarily have to put it aside if you must use both hands for something because the cuff will stay wrapped around your upper arm until you remove it. I also prefer this to a pair of crutches because it always leaves one hand free while you're using it so you'd be able to carry a plate of food while using the crutch.

There has been difference of opinion for decades as to which arm to use this crutch with - the injured side or the unaffected side. Having tried both, I can say that using it on the injured side works far far better for me.

I know they sell them at Shopper's Home Healthcare and you might possibly be able to rent one. I for one, will NEVER use a pair of crutches again, LOL !


So sorry to hear about this Edie - I've only just seem Sally's puzzle and came to find out what had happened. Hopefully it will all heal up quickly and you'll get used to walking with the cast asap... my daughter broke a bone in her foot years ago, but was given crutches to help her get around... she whizzed around on those - keep wiggling those toes!! ≧❂◡❂≦


I hope you can try and hold off on your chores until your kids and OH/SO arrive.


Thanks Josie. I'm on my iPad right now but will head over to check out Sally's puzzle. As for selfies, I'll turn the camera around when they put a cast on my face ;-))


Thanks Gail. I hope it's not either but I can't exert energy worrying about it. Right now all I'm fit for is sitting on the couch with my foot on the coffee table. Walking with this cast has caused my hips and back to become very sore and sitting at my desk is very uncomfortable. If someone else was here I would be happy to have them look after my brood but till that happens I still have to do it.
OH arriving at noon, kids later today.


Thanks Mimi but my daughter works full time so staying here would not be feasible. She is coming today and always helps when she does.


I am so sorry, guess it wasn't gout. Hope your healing will be quick and complete. Didn't see this till Sally posted her puzzle.

Now about selfies, you need to turn the camera around. LOL. Hugs and love, Josie


Make that 42,001 fans, Edie. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I hope it's not a sign of renewed osteoporosis. Now's the time to be attended to. Have someone else care for the chicks and cats and dogs, and get yourself better. Allow yourself to be waited on by SO, kids, anyone who can come by and help. That's a direct order.


Edie, I'm so sorry. I sure hope your daughter can stay and help out for awhile. I was away from Jig for 2 weeks and didn't know about this til today. You are surely in my thoughts and prayers!♥♥♥


Thanks Kathy, Snooker and ikook. I appreciate your concern and good wishes. The tin snips are still a strong possibility Snooker. The foot was healing well without the cast so I feel it can continue to do so without all the pain and stress that the cast is creating. I know someone who mentioned that they have an air boot. If I get hold of that then this will definitely be coming off.


Raini this is 1000 times worse than walking with the broken bone. There isn't a spot on me that doesn't ache and I can't even slip into a hot bath with epsom salts to ease the aches. I read about the rhematoid arthritis, which I had as a child and the osteoporosis which runs in my family and the fact that I'm on me feet about 12 hours a day so the stress fracture theory made sense. I'm usually done lock up by 8:00 and I just got done now at 8:40 so I am moving slow for sure. Thanks for all the good thoughts and vibes you're sending my way. They are much appreciated :-)))


Edie didn't deserve this... nor the presumed gout... but that was obvious all along...
I'll post some Parisian chooks tomorrow as a 'get well soon'...
So... hope you get well soon...

Best wishes for a quick recovery and hide the tin snips so you aren't tempted. :)


More good thoughts and wishes sent your way, Edie!


That's the problem Edie ~ Walking about with a cast forces all your surrounding bones, ligaments and tendons to compensate for motion with a new variable and because they're not used to being used in that way, you get achy all over the place. You could probably use some hip and flank massage to deal with that. By the way, when you first mentioned gout, I was skeptical of that diagnosis because in my opinion, it didn't fit with what you had described.

Also metatarsal fractures can occur in the absence of a known injury. These stress fractures can be caused by repetitive motions, overuse, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Bottom line - rest as much as possible. You have 42,000 people out here in cyberland who are sending healing vibes your way. Hugs from me, yer friend Raini (retired clinical scientist - pathology), LOL.

Yes, 42,000. I counted.


Thanks Faye. I think this cast is worse than walking with the pain of the break. I'm putting every joint in my body out of place with the way I'm stumbling about. I see a pair of tin snips in my future. The longer second toe comes from my father. He was in Greece and noticed it on one of the Greek statues as well and proclaimed that he always knew that he was decended from the gods :-))


A few years ago I had my sunglasses on and didn't see a two inch curb, stepped off, and twisted my ankle...I thought! I walked around in my Berkenstocks for five or six days before having it checked it out. Turns out that I had broken a small bone close to the ankle but by walking flat-footed with the Berkenstocks it had healed well. But I know your pain...and don't know how you've managed with the menagerie...then again...if your second toe is longer than your big toe you are supposed to be a very dominant person! Hee hee! ;DDD

P.S. Heal quickly.


Thanks Francine and Florrie. Yes, this should heal just fine and be good as new, which really wasn't very good but I was used to it. Don't worry Florrie, I'll take help if it's offered. Problem is there's usually no one here to offer :-))


Awful about the break and necessary cast. Good news is you'll be fine at some point. Yes, please have your daughter paint your toe nails. You might as well have some fun and later laugh when seeing the photos. Good luck ~ heal quickly. :)


Thanks Lorna, really not that bad, just a bit of an inconvenience :-))


Thanks Kirsten. Good thoughts and wishes are all I need :-)))


Oh no! Poor you. (I like your choice of colour!) Take care, and I too hope you will have some help especially with the menagerie.


Oh, Edie! There I was thinking you just had to wait the healing out, and you'd have this thing done and dusted! I didn't realise that the break occurred without any trauma. I hope they find the reason. And that it can be sorted out. Take care. And ask for help from those around you. I know you have a stubborn independent spirit!! But this is one of those times, where you're gonna need some support. Wish I could do something practical to help you. (•‿•)


Thanks for all of your comments and well wishes. This is called a 'Walking Cast' but that's a real stretch of the imagination. To me it's a hop, skip and hobble cast and good luck not falling and breaking something else cast. I'm hoping that with some practice I'll be able to manuever a little better. At the recommendation of the doctor at the walk-in clinic, the same one who originally diagnosed me with gout, I went to emerge yesterday around 4:00 pm. My SIL drove me as I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to drive myself home. They repeated the Xray and everything was aligned so they went ahead and put this cast on. I had a choice of white, pink or blue. I took the darkest colour. I read years ago that if you don't have pretty feet you should not paint your toe nails and draw attention to them. My feet border on neanderthal but now that the cast is hiding this one I may just get my daughter to paint them.
I'll be alone here till tomorrow noon so I'll have to hobble out now and see what I can manage to get done. The cast does ease the pain in the area of the break but causes a miriad of other problems, sleeping being one of them. Next week I see an orthopedist and he will decide how long this stays on. There will also be a bone scan to see what caused it to break in the first place without any trauma to it. Th, th, th, th, that's all folks.......


Oh my, no wonder you've been in pain, Edie! How could the doctors not find this sooner?? Pretty colour of blue by the way. Will you still be able to do your chores or have you some help? Take care and rest your foot often and keep elevated when you can. :-)


How long will you be decorated like this. Hope that's a walking cast. One good thing is that you won't have to wear it as long as if they had found the broken bone to start with. Hope this helps with the pain. And you were out picking up all those broken limbs yesterday. Edie, sure wish I lived close enough to be of some help.


What a lovely ankle you have my dear.... If you had known you were going to get such a beautiful blue cast you could have painted your toenails blue to match... 。◕‿◕。 May your healing be as speedy as your puzzle solving.... It's sure better than gout.... ᕙ★♥‿♥★ᕗ
PS -- Could you please add a cyber autograph to your lovely cast from us.... 。◕‿◕。


Oh, Edie! At least you know what you're dealing with, and have a plan for recovery. And on the plus side, the cast won't interfere with a laptop in your lap. Yay! More Jigidi time!! LOL But seriously, I hope your recovery is quick, and you're back on both pins soon. (•‿•)


Oh Edie, I'm so sorry you're suffering and in a cast. At least it's a pretty blue and much lighter than those old plaster casts were. Milk it, girl. It's your turn to be pampered and spoiled. Heal fast but not too fast!!!


Poor Edie. Get well soon :-)))) Many hugs from me a lovely licks from all my pets.


Edie, you look good in blue, but did they give you a choice?
Take care and don't kick any thing.


heal better soon :)


I'm so sorry to hear you've been in pain for weeks, Edie. I hope you have some help to feed your furry/feathered friends while you are off your feet. We'll be praying for a speedy recovery.


Ouch! That had to been very painful. Work it to your advantage and make everybody wait on you!!!! :)