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National Dentist's Day is a day to display a big, toothy smile. After all, your dentist plays a role in that big, bright smile. He's an important person in keeping your smile bright, and your teeth and mouth healthy.

A dentist is not one of the most popular persons around. In the case of toothache, most people would rather be anywhere else than sitting in a dentist's chair but once the dentist's work is done, there are few who will not have a word of praise for their dentist. So, in the light of all this, a special day has been allotted to honour dentists.

* get active with your dental care.
* give your teeth a good floss.
* spread awareness about dental hygiene
* have your teeth checked up on National Dentist Day.
* give your dentist a token of appreciation in the form of a card or a gift.
* don't forget to replace your toothbrush on this day.

Thanks to for sharing the information.


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Fancy seeing you here brightspark... it's wonderful!! Thanks ☼


so cute - what lovely smiles xx


LOL!! I know I have!!


Oh my, that's a groaner. I think you've been working too hard. LOL


I read somewhere it because they're always looking down in the mouth!! LOL!


I think it's because no one really enjoys going to the dentist and they know it. Perhaps things are improving slightly with better techniques, but it still hurts to go to the dentist - either physically or in the pocket-book, or both!!


I didn't know that whatnauts, I wonder why? Thanks for mentioning it.


Ah, the dentist ..... definitely not my favourite place to go, but I dutifully book my cleanings and other appointments. I, too, have spent thousands of dollars on my teeth. It's hard to find a good dentist - I've been to two or three who were not very good. Did you know that dentists have one of the highest suicide rates? I guess it's not a fun job when so many people are afraid of you!!!! Thanks for another interesting 'Who Knew' puzzle, monza.


Crikey Edie... that's ludicrous, and nice work if you can get it!!


Here the agent can get anywhere from 30% to 70% of the fee depending on length of time with company. My sister sold our house before we moved here and her share was $22,000 after splitting with other agent and the broker. It was listed for 10 days.


Thanks Edie, I hadn't come across National Pet Dental month in my research... there are so many special days that I wonder if anyone has ever made a note of all of them in the same place!! I hear where you are coming from re real estate agents, although the ones I know don't actually get any of the commission from their sales, it goes into the company... whereas the dentist I know actually owns his practice and gets the profit.


Thank PJ, I suppose it's better to have a painful wallet than a painful tooth!!


I know that the month of February is National Pet Dental month, hard not to know when it's plastered all over the vet's office. As far as professions who are overpaid for what they do I have to put real estate agents at the top of that list. We purchased an investment property yesterday. It was listed for 2 days. We paid asking price in the mid $400,000 and she gets 5%, not from us but from the seller. Not a bad weeks work. Anyway, I digress, yes even routine check ups and cleaning are now close to $200 so it's very expensive. Thanks for this great series that you do Mandy.


Mandy - you find the most suprising things, and wonderful images. Very nice smiles - but ooooooooh, my wallet hurts - just by the word 'dentist'....


Glad you like the smiles Wendy, and I'm wishing I'd trained as a dentist now... :~)


I LOVE the smiles in the puzzle. I read the comments here and realize that I'm not the only one supporting a dentist. All the dentists I know are on vacation most of the time. LOL


Thanks Pat, Magda and Heidi - You are all right about the dentist and money!!! Dentists and bankers seem to get way more money for what they do than any other profession!! In the UK I think most people buy dental insurance so that they can afford the big dental bills if and when they need to... even though some dentists are part of the NHS, which provides free medical treatment in the UK, for some reason dentists are exempt, and all dental treatment carries a price, even when it's provided on the NHS!!


My dentist has thanked me for putting all 3 of her sons through college.


WooHoo! My dentist is finally back from her 2 week vacation today. I need to have 2 crowns reattached.


They say, a visit at the dentist hurts twice: 1. the treatment, and 2. the bill!
Thank you Mandy for all the research you put in these puzzles.


Considering the many, many, many, many thousands of dollars I have spent at the dentist, my dentist doesn't really need a card or a gift--he's too busy sailing the yacht I bought him......!

I do have a dentist I really like, who's excellent and does his best to make it as pleasant and painless an experience as possible, and I'm happy that I finally found him. But I really wasn't kidding about the money. Sheeeeesh! LOL!


Thanks Rosie, good on you for persevering :~)


Sowwy, got so wrapped up in the subject of this puzzle that I Forgot to say thank you for the concept. I love your "Who knew" puzzles and all of the hard work you put into them. So, thank you lots and lots. Rosie


Hate going to the dentist--not the dentist. Still go when I'm supposed to but go kicking and screaming.


Glad to hear you're smiling Katie, thanks :~)


Well done Hanne... that's wonderful to hear, thanks for sharing it :~)


Another great day Mandy! Very interesting info about the cheese. All these smiles make ME smile! Thanks!


After about 30 years of hating dentists, I finally found one whom I LOVE!! Going there tomorrow and looking forward to a happy hour with lots of fun and laughter!! Really something isn't it? Thanks for this series Mandy, it's wonderful!!


LOL - Pat, how funny is that? You can ask your/his dentist if he knows its National Dentist Day!!


Oh my didn't know but have a dental appt for the hubby this afternoon.. Hugs


I wondered that Ardy... but since one of the suggested ways to celebrate is to give your dentist a token of appreciation - I expect they'll find out soon!! Thanks for visiting :~)


Thanks, Mandy. Who knew dentists had a day. Wonder if any of them know. Great images.


Thanks roadworn - nice to see your smile this morning :~)


Good Morning Barb - I just use a search engine for the images!! It's good to hear you enjoy them, thanks :~)


A big toothy grin to you this morning! :)

I like this "Who Knew?" series. After this one, I feel a need to go brush again.


Mandy, after all the food celebratory days, I think it's only fitting to have National Dentist's Day. LOL
Love all the cute images ... how did you manage to find them all? Thanks for another great Who Knew puzzle! :-)