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Warped Swirl

49 pieces
236 solves
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LOL!! No one, but no one, would disagree with that, my dear! Ahhhhhh....Over The Top, ETC.


Triple ETC? Now that is going OTT!

Your shrink would need a shrink himself if he consulted with the three of us, poor bloke :-)


OH! NO! These guys have a sister!........but, at least, she's sweet. I never thought of Howdy Doodey as sweet, he was rather goofy. My shrink? ?.....can't do.... he has to be available to me, 24/7. His name is Jim, lol! Ah, yes, the WMC! We must add another wing. That place must be rather crowded by now! Fun??? ETC and ETC,etc are the ones that are way fun! ....o_O....:-) :-)


Sweet Sassy Molassy!!!!! (2:55) Sign me up with your Ophthalmologist.... And your Psychiatrist.... WMC to the max.... Thanks so much, Y'all are just too much fun good buddy.... :) :)


LOL!! Hey, no biggie! "Bust my britches" is a fine Tennessee expression! I've heard it all my life! Don't think I've heard the hog (hawg) expression. I know I have heard "Jill, your room looks like a hawg's pen"; but, I must admit, that was a rather truthful description. Now you've gone from twirlin' to waterin'. I think I have some leftover saline drops for that, dear ETC.


Bust your britches??? We can't stop laughing! And you think WE talk funny?
Is this anything like "Well, call me a hog and butcher me for bacon" ??? :-)))

PS Hold off calling the opthamawhatsits - eyes are no longer twirling but I do have a watering problem after reading bust my britches!


Wacky Doo??? This is definitely a new entry for my ever increasing dictionary. Oh, wait....Wacky Doo must be related to Hooley Dooley!! Well, bust my britches, I should have thought of that! It is good to know that all is well with your eyes and that you enjoyed this, dear friend!


Pkin38!! I seemed to have missed your comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed the puzzle!


Hmmmm, pinkie,,this puzzle seems to have an effecct on your eyes as well, lol! I'm glad you liked it.... :-))


Oh my, is Holey Moley orelated to Hooley Dooley as well! Your eyes too? ( see comment to Chrissie). Maybe I could get you in with my Ophthalmologist as well. He is also the doctor for the Delta pilots. He'll uncross those eyes! LOL! You are most welcome, my dear.


There's Howdy Doodey's cousin again!! What does it say about your mind.... that you have an innate ability to make sense of something that makes no sense. Now, about your eyes! Poor dear, you have mentioned this problem before. I have no clue but perhaps I could get you an appt with my ophthalmologist in Atlanta. He is very good, in fact he is Elton John's doctor. Tis sad you consider the possibility that my puzzles might cause this condition, lol! Most welcome, dearone!


Wacky Doo! that's some swirl, couldn't get the swirling routine in my eye's like Chrissie, so only came in 8th with 2:19, loved it though, Thanks Jill.


Dont look very long. Exiting puzzle.


Holey Moley!! Whata swirl!! When it finished, it popped into view, and my eyes actually started to cross!! LOL!! Thanks Jill for the fun!! :)


Hooley Dooley! What does this say about my mind? I came in first after 114 solves and I could barely make the board on my own puzzles this morning! When I saw this puzzle my eyeballs went into some kind of twirling routine - you surely know how make a girl dizzy, my friend! Thanks :-))


Love it....