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Theme: Freewheelin' Kaleidos on Safari!! ~ Tiny

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This week's theme is Safari/Big Game/Wild Animals. Many of you will know that I have a problem with putting images of real animals in the kaleido maker. It feels too much like blending them! Eeuuww. LOL So I made these kaleidoscopes from images of plush toys of African animals. And thought it was appropriate to present them as roaming wild!

The images I used to make these kaleidoscopes are freely available on the internet. I then use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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The tiny puzzle maker thanks the tiny minds for solving the tiny puzzle!! :-DDD


The tiny minds give tiny thanks to the tiny puzzle maker! :)))


Whew! I'm glad, Barb. :)))

I have been doing slightly different things on Mondays too, as I try to find a way to be interpret the weekly theme. Like the large kaleido in the middle with the smaller ones around it, or the 2x2's and now this. I'm glad you're OK with it. :))) I've actually been quite suprised at this one's reception! So far, it's doing better on the solves than any other format that I've posted for theme Mondays!! And it's not even "pretty" colours!!


Oh, you have not disappointed, Kirsten, never think that. It's good to experiment and try new things and this is really a well thought out and clever change. I guess I'm so used to your fabulous collages with their beauty and detail, that you threw me for a loop this morning. LOL Kind of like June's Monday puzzles being quite different from her 'rest of the week' puzzles. :-)


I'm so sorry about your headache, Barb. I hope it's gone now. I often find that those headaches I wake up with, are very hard to get rid of. Sorry you couldn't make the board. I think with these tiny ones, people will try them over and over again to get a really fast time. I did that myself early on in the piece trying to claim the top spot of this one, but I'm not sure why I bothered really. Franc was always going to knock me off. LOL

And I'm sorry to have disappointed you. Once I'd made these kaleidos, I felt the colours were too similar to post as a standard collage. Or Kollage as you kindly put it. I've wanted to explore this format for a while too (I've admired KARLS's ones forever), so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. And the black and white IS a zebra. :)))


Hi Kirsten, I woke up over an hour ago with a headache so immediately went back to bed. Hope I haven't missed you. I couldn't make the board either (0:23). I'm going to try the next size up in a moment. This style is such a departure for you and while I see your usual lovely kaleidos, I miss the Kirsten Kollage. :-)) Love the black and white ... is it a zebra? :-)


Morning Ardy!! It IS a bit different, isn't it? I thought it was fun for this theme. And I don't know about my computer yet. It was picked up by my computer guy today, and I should find out tomorrow what he thinks. I'm hoping it can be, inexpensively, brought back to life. But at least my files are safe. Whew!

And re your alarm clock, I would check that you set it for am! I sometimes make the mistake of inadvertently setting it to pm. Grrrrr. Thanks for the brrrrhugs. I need them today! We've broken records today, and tomorrow will break another. And won't see any break in the weather until Thursday. So warm (and slightly sticky LOL) hugs from me. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. I see a zebra and a lion and an elephant. I had to do this twice. The first time I was one second off the board and this time I'm on the bottom. I'm not quite awake. Lovely safari colors and a really different presentation for you. Thank you. Any news on your computer? Can it be resurrected? Thank Duncan from me for letting you use his.

My alarm did not go off. It was set. I'll investigate it later. I do wish you a good night with sweet, cooling dreams. Well chilled and loving hugs on the way. ((BRRRRHUGS))