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Navy Seal

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vabutch...........all I can say, is how many service people can still fit into their uniforms and look good at 70! Superb!

Thought there could be a mistake. Thanks from a Canadian vet.


snooker, I went in when I was 17 got out for four years and retired at 41 July 1975. I transpose sometimes. I am now 77. The picture was taken when I was 70..

I'm old too. Some days more than others. :)

Are you really about 95 years old or is there a mistake in the retirement date? Just wondering.


Thanks, I was in for 23 years and retired in 1957. I am still associated with my first squadron, VP-23, and work on our monument in the Bahamas, which I also put a picture in a few days ago


Hi Chief! Just spotted your puzzles......going to put you under my favorites. :) Was a Navy wife for over 30 years and love the patriotic puzzles.