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February thaw

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Oh, no! I'm melting!


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Thanks Robbie - I had a great Valentine's Day! The February thaw has come and gone...more snow in our forecast in the next week. So far not too much is expected so there may not be any new snowmen built.


Hi Buck, I thought I had solved this one, how funny. If you see this, Happy Valentine's Day.


Thanks Ardy and Jan! I hope all those in the storm zone stay safe and warm!


The poor snowman! But, let's hope that helps the poor people who are supposed to get hit hard by a big snowstorm. Maybe your puzzle will jinx that snowstorm. It is definitely cute enough! Thanks so much, Katie!


I think this puzzle didn't want to come to its final end as three pieces hid themselves off the screen in the bottom right corner. I really had to hunt. Just rain and chilly in the Washington, D.C. area. Thanks, Katie.


The storm is prominent on our noon news. Sounds like you're really getting hit pretty hard! Stay safe and warm.


I'm in Westchester County, which is right above the Bronx. My town is about 15 miles east of the Hudson river, and about 40 north of NYC and west of Long Island Sound. So we get a lot of the same weather as NYC, LI, and Connecticut, and, in this case, it's not fun to share--they can have it all! :-)))


Hi Pat! It got up to 49 degrees up here. Rain this morning has passed and it's getting colder. At least the winter storm is not getting us this time!


He melted today as it got up to 52 degrees


Thanks Pat and Mandy! He does look rather woebegone (sp?).
Barb, glad you've already decided to stay home tomorrow.
Pat, I hope you stocked up and I really, really hope you don't lose power! You must be in the northeastern part of your state.
Mandy, don't feel too awfully bad for him - it means we had a couple sunny and warmer days.


Oh Katie, what a wonderful image, and that poor snowman, what must he be thinking? I'll bet he's praying for more snow, if he still had knees!!! Thanks for a fun puzzle :~)


We're being told to prepare for a blizzard with up to 14 inches of snow and winds gusting up to 60 MPH--they say it could be the worst storm in 100 years. That amount of snow certainly wouldn't set a record, but I guess the wind is what they're factoring in....... Your snowman won't melt here, but he might get a bit discombobulated! :-)))


Thanks, Katie, I plan on staying home tomorrow. Normally go to bingo on Fridays but not tomorrow. Already heard from one of my bingo ladies that she plans on staying home too. :-)


No snow here Barb! We had sunshine all day and up to 46 F! We're expecting rain over night and into tomorrow morning. Then the temps will drop in the afternoon. So we're on the warm side of this storm - thank goodness! I'm sure we'll get more before winter is done though. I hope you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Stay warm!


We might be able to build a snowman tomorrow, Katie. If the forecasters are correct we may have a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon. It started this afternoon, light stuff, but heavier tonight and the morning. Has it been snowing there? :-)


Thanks for stopping by PJ and gnt! You're both so funny today! And I'm glad I could provide an image to amuse you too!


pooooooooooooooooooor snowman floating away LOL


Soooooooooooo fun, Katie. Well, you can always ship the snowman over here - he'll probably last for about three months.... :-)


Thanks Tex and aggie! This is what it looks like in my town today. Although I'm pretty sure we'll be getting more snow before winter is done.


Oh, no, not yet! Thanks, Buckeye, cute puzzle.