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Variety's Spice, Frazzled

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Oh, my, a little house on the prairie! BRRRR...... :-))) I forgot about the effect of the ocean, although I mention it all the time when I tell people about Gloucester, which is north of me. It is normally warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer for that very reason. I don't think that it was more than a dozen years ago that the motels all became air-conditioned up there--it was almost never needed.


It's a little early in the season for us to be getting this much snow, but then we've had such a dry 2 years that the trend was bound to change eventually. But yes, once November hits, if we get more than a few cm, it will be here for the duration. I can remember winters from my childhood where snow was piled up by the roadsides everywhere you looked. But not so much since I returned in 2003. My city is often referred to as Winterpeg, and for good reason.

I'm in central Canada with no ocean breezes to temper the temperature. Our weather is similar to North Dakota and Montana.


Do you really get such large snowfalls coupled with non-melting temperatures that the ground stays snow-covered all winter? Wow! I think it was 2 winters ago that we came the closest--just when patches of grass were starting to show, there would be another storm, and it took until March to see much bare ground again.... Stay safe!


We only had a little bit of snow overnight, so I decided to run out this morning and get some milk. I'm probably good for several days, but just to be sure, I got more. I'm a chicken driver, so wouldn't have gone out if I thought the roads would be bad. It started snowing (again) just as I was leaving, and from the forecast, it isn't going to stop until sometime tomorrow. I would guess the snow blowers will start up later this afternoon and we will hear them from time to time until tomorrow. We won't be seeing any temps in the 50's until spring. This snow is probably here to stay.

Take care of yourself.


THAT'S what it looks like! You're right! Seriously, I knew it reminded me of something, but I couldn't think what, but rick-rack it is!

I guess my luck just ran out with catching a cold--Timmy, Casey, and Ania have had one on and off for a month, and Luke caught it by the end of the visit (now Courtenay has it, too), so I shouldn't be surprised that it finally got me, too...

Have you gotten much snow yet? It's supposed to be in the 50's here today, which means that all but the huge piles made by the snow plows will be gone--for now!


Geez, a cold - after all you've been through. I guess you've worn yourself down and caught a bug. Wrap yourself up and have a hot toddy (personally I think they're yucky), but perhaps a hot chocolate and schnapps would be better. Yum, yum.

I'm glad you had some time to play with rick-rack to create this puzzle.


You and me kid, you and me...! Now I have a cold, and I'm sort of trapped inside my head (that's the way sore throats, stuffed noses, headaches, and ear aches make me feel!), which is a much more confined space than being trapped inside my home in the storms! LOL!!!


I have much in common with this puzzle. :-) I'm the fastest, of course, everyone else is still in bed. :-D