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Rocks from Jim (jcarroll) and Susan.

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Nice arrangement, CM, especially with the maple leaf.


A nice collection Sandy!!


LOL gemstone.
Thank you Floyd, Toto, lyndee, Beekay and Laura.


Oh my! These are really pretty rocks, Chickie.


Very nice gifts to add to your collection :-))


That's a really pretty rock. I love the colors in it.


Wonderful photo Sandy!


Thank you Sandy, and all for the information and a neat puzzle to solve.


My first thought...and laugh...upon reading your title...was Charlie Brown's line when he peered into his Trick or Treat bag: "All I got was a rock." LOL


LOL oddio.

Thank you oddio, Jim, Hanne and snooker.

Actually I put the rock where the leaf was snooker because of the sunny spot. : )

Great rocks, JC. They are so pretty and you put that red leaf in there to show them off. Good job, Sandy. :)


Very special rocks, thanks for the "declaration" Jim! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Oddio, Sorry, I don't have any diamonds or precious gems in my collection! Although I plan to go down to Arkansas and dig in the mud at the diamond mine maybe next spring. Then Susan will have the diamond she wants, maybe!


A fine photo, CM, and neat rocks, Jim.

I had a girlfriend that was interested in rock collecting, but she just wanted that kind you were on your fingers. Don't see any in this picture.


Thank you lela.

Jim, I appreciate them even more now! LOL


Have to admit, though, you've made a lovely image here, with the light 'n shade and the leaves!......


Lela, you are a bit confused. These minerals were all collected legally on public lands.
When you come to this country you can collect them, also. All you have to do is drive for hours across the desert, climb up a mountain or two, load up your sack with all you dare and try to get back to your vehicle without falling down the mountain and hope your 4WD doesn't become stuck in the middle of nowhere and you become food for the buzzards and coyotes. Then you can keep "free" rocks! It's just that easy!


Thank you morris.
Hope the Feds don't come for me lela.
I appreciate all the rock gifts I have received, including yours Suzy.


They are really pretty. I also had petrified wood. I may have been able to guess the hematite (in the right light)....maybe. Been a while since I taught kids rocks and minerals. Thanks for the background on all of them, jim. Chickie has a thing for rocks, you know. :)
(AND the property has been transported across various state lines!!! Life on the edge!!!)

lelabugosi have received STOLEN property!!......




Thank you for the info Jim. And Suzy, you get an (A+)!


The petrified wood on the far right came from near St Johns, AZ.
The mahogany obsidian was collected in the Modoc National Forest in Northeast CA.
And on the left is specular hematite, an iron ore that was dug out of the Iron King mine ages ago east of Parker, AZ. It has small amounts of copper in it but not enough to make it worthwhile to haul away. But they are beautiful specimens especially in bright sunshine!


Thank you Suzy. It's mahogany something. He said he will send an email to me telling me their names. The one on the right is petrified wood.


Oh GEE!!! They are glorious! Is the black one part obsidian?