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There were 5 hummers on this feeder when I started focusing the camera. The more feeders you set out the more hummingbirds will come. I was told this years ago and its true. We set out three now on the back deck. Its not uncommon to see 25-30 birds when they are buzzing around. In June there are usually just 4-5 of them. In July the population grows from fleged young birds to now carefree adults. By the end of July into August, you can pick this one off its hook and hold it while sitting in the bench and they will come feed from it while you balance it on your hand. Sometimes they land on a shoulder or head. The neighbors love coming over and sitting on the deck in the evening.


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In this case, Tex, more is better!! :-)) Thanks pardner


Thanks for all this great information! I never knew that you should have more feeders; I only have one, and never get more than two birds, and almost never both at the same time. I'm going out right away to get at least one more! I see them as much around my flowers as the feeder, but I'm going to try to get more. Great stories, too.


Way to go Joanne!! You can have double the enjoyment. Thanks for the great comment!!

Thanks Suzy. You should have one or two in that great garden of yours! They eat lots of gnats and little bugs as well as polinate vegies and flowers.


Ami, I read some time ago in an article from Cornell University, which is one of the top bird research places in North America, that for every hummingbird you see, there are 15 more within 300 yards. I had trouble believeing it! That means if I have at least 30, which is the mosts I've ever been able to confirm count for sure when they are buzzing around, that means there are 450 more at least within 300 yards. This has been confirmed by research from banding stations, ect. Alot of my neighbors have feeders and I see hummers by them, too, but I may be dis-attracting theirs to lesser amounts. All I really know is when they are having a feeding frenzy, and there are 20-30 hummers around and all the holes on the feeder are occupied and another hummer zooms in and makes them all fly, and your holding that feeder on your hand, its pretty amazing.
On the flip side, we maintain our feeders, rinsing them every time we fill them to keep disease away(never had a problem that I know of), we keep them full or should I say not let them get empty-they easily come to depend on the feeders being there and we keep them(just one at this point) up until the very last one has gone south for the winter.


Perfect title, Dave! Enjoy them!!! :)


I live in an apartment block and the property manager told me to take down my feeder as it would attract wasps. I googled plants that attract hummingbirds and now have 4 fuschia plants hanging on my balcony. It is working, the hummers are slowly coming back!! Thank you for posting this picture, Dave, of my most favourite bird. I am so jealous thinking of you having 25-30 around. So lucky!!


Great to see your hummingbirds and the success that you have feeding them. Thanks Dave.


How interesting your account and the accounts of the other commenters . For the hummers, it's like your place is possibly one of the very few and far between 'filling stations'. It's almost as plain as the nose on my face that there is a high demand for the feeding that you offer, and that they know they can rely on the feeder to be 'stocked' at all times. It's really no wonder you draw so many and that they have disagreements about who's gonna get their fill. Awesome sharing here tonight, thanks!!!


Great comment, jennco! I like your three puzzles-you should put on a few more if you want!


dondi, we had no idea they were around until we put up a feeder. Occasionally we had heard a buzzing sound and thought it was bees, but later realized it was a hummingbird. I hope there are some in your area, as they are great fun to watch. I even have a photo of my son holding one on his finger. We noticed many of them dive bombing something, and found it was a hummingbird hanging upside down. He was being bullied mercilessly. My son held it on his finger like a budgie until it recovered and flew away.


You would get them stopping by too, dondi. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


I really have to invest in a feeder. We'd love to have them, but I've rarely seen a hummingbird, even though we have lots of flowers. I don't know whether it will attract them, because I don't know if they're around. But you surely are lucky to have such a population and attendance.


Thanks for the comment, Cathy! Yes its a win-win situation! The best kind!

Great idea, jennco-that would be great in the background when they are zooming around and diving!

And full of life, Pat! Thanks for coming by!!


Beautiful ...They are such pretty little birds....


We have them at the cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. They are very aggressive, and dive bomb one who is feeding. It is great fun to watch- I keep saying we should take a video and set it to Star Wars music.


Great picture and a wonderful story!! Your deck is obviously the place to be on a nice summer evening ... for hummers and hummer-loving humans !!!!


I'll get on soon, I'm sure, Sandy with one at every hole at one time.

Alot of times there is a dominate one, Lyndee who tries to keep the other ones off, even if it doesn't get to eat much itself.

Your welcome roseheather. Do they come where you are? Here they are 99.9% Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

Your welcome Li-I would think you would have them up where you are, too.


I'm so glad to know about getting more hummingbird feeders. I love your account of the progression through the summer. That's awesome about being able to hold the feeder and they'll still come. Thanks for your wonderful photo and your beautiful story, Dave!


Oh, how delightful.

Thank you for sharing this. I had never heard about attracting more with more feeders. What a joy to have them come in such numbers.


I have only seen two at a time at my feeder and never and I mean never will they share feeding at the same time. I figure there must be more than two as I'm having to fill my feeder up around every five days. Maybe next year I will add another feeder.


What a sweet picture of them Dave.