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The diagnonal rays of a pink sun

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I always add water to wet food to make sure Norton gets hydrated. It's easy to then put it in a syringe if you need to.


I will definetely check that out. Thanks. The two I mention are both smooth and go through a syringe easily that's why I always pick them. I don't think Recovery is as high in calories as A/D. I'll be talking to her this morning.


Oh crap, I had a long comment posted and then went to do some research for you and came back and it was gone. Here goes again, at least with what I remember:

I wasn't aware that there was a long-lasting pain med for cats. That's great news. The research I was doing was to look at Hills (Science Diet) W/D cat food. It's mainly for diabetic cats, but it's good for any cat that has pancreatic problems, such as diabetes. The thing about it is that it's low in fat, which is what a pancreas-challenged cat needs. Here's the rundown on it, but you should do a Google search to find out more, since there isn't much information on this site. I've given some to Norton to try and get him to eat again before he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he gobbles it up like it's candy.

The thing about a/d is that it is very high fat. It does have a lot of calories, which is good for an underweight cat. When I've given the food to Norton, I always mix it with a lot of water to make sure he gets hydrated. I'd certainly ask your vet about w/d. You might want to alternate between the two in the meantime.


I didn't know that Gail but it's interesting. In my case it's probably a good thing. When I look at the number of puzzles in one month it's scary. If they showed all my attempts at better times it would be gynormous! I always try Kirsten's puzzles several times because I really enjoy them as well as many of the patchwork and mosaic ones. I would guess that my numbers would be double if not triple.
Bailey is resting comfortably. He has a three day pain shot which makes him sleepy. I did manage to get his Metronidazole into him tonight which is a real challenge. He isn't eating but he did pee in his box.
I bought SD for him at the vets which he really used to like. Tomorrow I think I'll pick up a few cans of Recovery or A/D so that I can syringe feed him. I don't want him ending up with fatty liver. I do have fluids here so if I don't see him drinking I can always give him some SubQ to keep him hydrated. Other than that not much else I can do right now but wait and see. Thank for your good wishes for him.


Thanks, Rob. He postponed today's visit until tomorrow. Had an emergency.

Edie, you can bet I'm crossing every finger and toe, and even my eyes, trying to will Bailey back to health. No matter what happens, a cat is always happier at home. Don't tell the other half. He'll never find it until much later, and then you can always say the cat did it. I appreciate your trying to get on the leaderboard to show off your new star. Congratulations! (Did you know that when you solve a puzzle more than once, it only shows up in your piece count and solved puzzle numbers once? That's for those people where it's important. For me, it never mattered.)


Hi Gail - Chris says that when the Tech up-grades your system he should check the preferred Domain Name Service (DMS) that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) recommends. It is a 2 or 3 step process that is a bit tricky to explain here, but should be easy for a Tech to do. Good luck!!


Hi Gail, took me three tries to get on the leaderboard just so I could show off my new star. Puzzle was fun so doing it three time was that much more fun. Just wanted to let you know that I went to see Bailey this afternoon and he perked up when he saw me and started licking at his food. The vet thought he might do better at home so she unhooked him and I brought him home. I have spent 3 hours experimenting with different cages and places to put them and finally managed to fit a Ferret Nation cage into the corner of my family room. It's a great spot for him because there is a corner window there and he has a great view out. Other half won't be happy when he sees what I did to the baseboard squeezing it in there. Not just the paint but the wood is gone.
Now I have to make sure I can get him to eat and take his meds. Otherwise he'll have to go back in on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.


Hi Magda, everyone I know who has (had) Windows 8 hates it. I would never get that. I'd switch to a Mac before I got 8. But thanks for the advice.

This isn't a new style of puzzle for me. I've been doing this type for a long time. I just have a variety of styles I use. Maybe you never noticed it before.


Hi Gail, this is again a new style of puzzle, so pretty. Speaking about computers. Mine crashed and I bought a new one with windows 8, could not get 7, which I liked very much. In 8 all is commpletely different, and I have problems using it. Just don't let yourself be taqlked into switching to W-8. Other, more professional people have said the same, W-7 was better.


You're welcome, Queenbee2b.

Rob, thanks for the information. I decided it's time to upgrade my ancient computer, and am having a tech person come over tomorrow to change my hard drive, get an upgraded Windows 7 from XP, and upgrade Internet Explorer. I like IE, and want to continue using it, so all of the above is necessary. It won't actually cost that much, according to the tech. I was thinking it was going to cost around $500 to do, but he said it's more like $100. That's why I was putting it off until now.

Where would I find the Domain Name Service address in Control Panel, and what would I change it from whatever it was to whatever it should be?


Hi Gail - I was reading about your problems on Kirstens puzzle re 'freezing' when you try to solve a puzzle & that is what I had wrong with mine in Dec & Jan. I spoke to my husband Chris about it as he's had a career in computers & knows his way around most problems, & he thinks you may need to change the settings for the Domain Name Service address. It's a complex thing to do if you don't know where to look, but simple for a tech to do. You will find it in the Control panel for network settings. I don't know how proficient you are at finding these kinds of things but it might steer you in the right direction. When I was having my problems & emailed Stefan, he said that it was probably something to do with this & that's how Chris was able to zoom in on the problem. I hope this helps - just wish it was easier to explain. It fixed all my problems! Good luck!!!


Very colorful, eye catching design!! Lots of fun, thankyou!! :)