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Blossom, Seed, Fruit or Sugared?

36 pieces
90 solves
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I'm just wondering if people prefer the collage type of puzzle or the ones where I make kaleidoscope images... hence both styles in identical size today :~)


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Mandy, that's only because I've been creating puzzles for a lot longer period of time than you.
You're just as wise as I am, my dear. :-)


Wendy, you're so much wiser than me in matters of the puzzle! :~)


Katie, PJ and Pat - thank you all for your helpful feedback!!


Ardy, I'm sorry I missed your comment earlier, you must have posted it while I was typing mine! I'm chuckling at your suggestion of white chocolate coverings... I think that would defeat the healthiness!! But for a special treat... it sounds delicious :~)


Mandy, if and when you run a test in the future, make only one thing different and post at the exact same time (nanoseconds apart). There are so many different things with this puzzle and the other one that there's really no way to compare them. But a few of the comments here were helpful anyway.


I love this for itself, as a great kaleido/mandala puzzle, but I prefer the real pics for your "Day" series--I always look forward to seeing what you've selected!

The iPad has auto-correct, and after a few times of my insisting that it leave certain words (especially Jigidi profile names, which it is SURE I'm misspelling!) alone, it will not only accept the spelling, it will even fill in the rest of the word before I finish typing. But those first few tries can be a pain, for sure!


Mandy - this is a cute and very nice puzzle. I really prefer realistic pics for the majority of your "Day" images, it might be fine with one or two tiny kaleidos just for decoration.
Your info + realistic images are great, as you know - I love the "Day" series.
Wendy's suggestions seem interesting for this puzzle.


Thanks Katie, that's really good to hear :~)


Hi Mandy, I'm another kaleido addict. But for your Who Knew? puzzles, I prefer the ones with the pictures that you choose to illustrate the day's celebration - they're so educational and interesting. Whichever, you make great puzzles!


Oh double drat, Wendy I didn't think of that. I did think that the 2 very different titles might make a big difference, as evidenced by your "Dull etc" puzzle recently. LOL!! Jigidi is a never ending experimental station!


Mandy, the comparison isn't exactly right though, because these kaleidos should be in squares with different colored backgrounds. That way, the difference between the two styles could more easily be determined. In fact, even though this one has less solves, I think that by adding the lines to make squares, and then the different colors, this one would get more.


Thank you Edie... I did some research into the correct terminology for images that have been produced through a kaleidoscope... they are actually mandalas!! The kaleidoscope is the machine that creates them, so kaleidos is not a real word... but one in common use on Jigidi!! No wonder your autocorrect is confused :~) I use Firefox and it doesn't have an autocorrect... so its much easier!!

I'm happy to hear you're already an almond convert!

I dithered with the cork border, I seldom use textured backgrounds, but it just felt right... thanks for mentioning it :~)


A couple of these look like snack trays full of almonds. Bet Kristen would like hers smothered the white Lindt chocolate. Delightful puzzle. I like this one too. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds. Thanks, Mandy.


BTW forgot to mention that I really like the cork border. Set it off very nicely.


Well since Kirsten has got me hooked on the Kaleidos (had to capitalize or auto correct keeps changing it to something else) I guess that's where my vote goes. And as for the puzzle it was great fun and every day is almond day at my house. Wouldn't be without them, my go to snack, usually carry a little bag around in my pocket. Thanks for the puzzle


Thanks for that Barb - it's not confusing it reinforces my own thoughts exactly!!


Kirsten you are speaking to another addict!! Thanks!!


I like both types of puzzles although, like Kirsten, I tend to like the kaleidos, Mandy. :-)
But for the Who Knew I think the way you've been using actual images perhaps works better. Hope that isn't confusing. :-))


It won't surprise you to find out what my preferences are, Mandy! Being kaleido addicted an' all. LOL But it will be most interesting to see what the solve rates say! Oooh, the suspense. :-DDD

Oh, and fun puzzle! Thanks!! :)))