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Great Old Virginia House! Gordonsville

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Old abandoned Late Victorian farm house. Gordonsville, Va.


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I agree with both of you, PK and Gnt. There are many old houses about like this in Va. that could use help.


I agree pkin and would be nice to see it done


Could be beautiful again with the right owners..


Wonderful old house. Is it an illusion, or is it sagging in the middle? Nice puzzle. Thanks, Warbler.


Laurlyn, all I can tell you is Gordonsville was created by a man named Gordon, who registered the post office there. Major Virginia roads met there(there is still a town circle) and then the railroads railheaded there. There is a big Civil War house/museum there. Most of the original main street stores, too. I'm planning of getting a bunch of good photos there when I can spend an hour or two. But about this farm, just on the south edge of town, I couldn't tell you anything more than we see. Sorry


this house looks like the early twenties and all the frills are missing. There is no heat to the second floor as in most 20/30's homes. It has a tin roof which may have been the second roof on the house.


Hi Dondi My thought was being a farmhouse, the owners were more practical and less costly. They did do 2 chimneys though which would have been efficient. My thoughts standing there were late Victorian, maybe turn of the century


Beautiful old home and the snow really fits its mood. I would love to know its history.


Are you sure it's Victorian? The porch suggests it, but it has few, small windows, often a characteristic of older houses to hold the heat.


Thanks Chickie-its one of my favorites so far.


Wow! What a great find warbler! I love it!