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Kaleidoscope Collage

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Hi Jan, yes, Ada does give good advice.

Ada, I'm pretty sure I don't have fleas. Schnellie has been to the vet for some health issues and they checked her out. She came out clean, and no one has been scratching, except me, since I got five more welts on my legs from more bites. Thanks for the advice on wearing long pants, but it's too hot to do that. You're more acclimated to the weather than I am. It took me six months to get used to Oregon weather back in '80, so I expect the same here. By next summer, I should be doing much better.

Check my "so long" puzzle for updates.


sewandsew gives good advice, Gail. Skeeter adore me! So glad to see you here regularly!!


oh one more thing. your legs, the welts. Skeeters do seem to hang low and go for the legs, but maybe also a possibility maybe fleas in your carpet? They only get the legs being "low" jumpers. Just sayin' maybe? good to have carpet removed. Being summer and a very wet one so far here in Florida I suggest you stay indoors, if out side wear long pants. Yeah I know it's hot, but best to cover up and get some spray on repellent. Good luck. I have scars from scratching my skeeter bites. If you are very itchy an allergy pill helps but will also put you to sleep!


Gail, you gave me a bit of a giggle with your comment on my quilt puzzle. ha. queen bed indeed! That coverlet won't be finished for years yet. Will you still have a queen bed then? LOL funny lady.


Hi Edie, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I can't seem to get a good night's sleep due to my pain levels. The reason I'm up right now is because, when I sat down to watch the 11:00 news, I accidentally fell asleep for four hours in an upright position on my couch. Bad choice, since I can't move my neck right now. Have to work the kinks out and then I'll be fine. I have some Feliway somewhere in my boxes. When I find it, I'll spray around.

You're very welcome, leet.

Hi Jill, I'll get there, sooner or later. I'm hoping it's sooner!


Lol, I think I responded,to an older post. I'm glad you are all settled in and hope the fur babies successfully adjust. Both a move and a change in daily routine....well, time heals all!... :-)

Thank you for the very attractive puzzle.


Fun collage Gail. I see that you're still posting at all hours. Do you think you'll ever get into a regular sleep/wake mode. How are you enjoying the heat there. I think we're having Florida temperatures right now. Trying getting some Feliway plug-ins and spray. It's helped my cats. If you can't find in store they're available at Amazon. That's where I ordered mine. Cheaper than store or vet too.


Hi Jill, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It's hard to believe that, nine months after I began the process of selling my home, I'm actually here. I never thought it would happen, and had gotten very discouraged and dejected. But now I'm here, and loving being with my sister. My other sister is coming down from New York on Friday, so it will be the first time the three sisters will be together in years. I wish my brother could come in from Delaware, but he'll make it at some point. I think you have your timing wrong ~ the furbabies came in on the 1st, three days after I arrived on the 28th. It's taken a while for them to adjust, but they're doing all right now for the most part. They're all scared of people, so there have been some, shall I say inappropriate behavior, from one of them (they're not talking and telling me which one). I know it's from the stress of having people in the house, so I'm hoping they'll get more used to it as time goes by.


Great fun, Gail! Thanks.

I am so happy that you are finally moved in. When your babies get there Monday... then it will be home!!