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Collies from our past

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Lad and Lady . Lad was Lady's pup. Lady was tricky, when she had her liter of pups she got them all barking and we went into the room to see what was the matter, she took the ham from the counter and was prepared to eat it. It was so cute I started laughing and of course, I could not really punish her, so I cut off the ham where her teeth were and sat down to dinner.


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Ank... that was our Sunday meal. Guess we had to share with Lady as it was her idea.
Mimi... thanks. dogs have a way of getting their way, don't they?
Dondi... Names are alike. What else would you want to call them. Lad was named from a movie and Lady was the only name she wanted to answer from. Guess I had no say in the matter.


The names are interesting. Our two collies (sequential) were Laddie and Lassie.


Wonderful dogs and wonderful story! Thanks BJ!


Love it Jan and the story too. I only wonder why did you not let her the ham? lol


Sercaral Que parte de Portugal é que você mora? Meu vizinho é de Bravia
Angie, Pat, Bentley, Jana, Jan and bookish..... Thanks for dropping in. Had trouble getting my old computer being so slow and was doing crazy things. Like dropping out icons and reappearing again. Stayed up last night and got it fixed.


Beautiful dogs. Love your story. Thanks Jan.


Sweet story......even sweeter dogs! I love the breed. I wonder why we don't see them so much anymore....
Great puzzle! Thanks, Jan.


Very nice dogs and happy story, thank you very much Jan :-))

muito bonmitos e meigos.


A good story, what we only do for our pets:-)Beautiful dogs.


Awesome story.... love it.. pretty collies too.. Thanks Jan