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The Snow Will Melt

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Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971.


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Ya know it when ya see it. And ya post it if for no other reason than to watch the solves number climb. (Oh, and you have fun solving it yourself.) Thanks, Andy. :-)


Well, we'll get the comment count going here. Why wouldn't you want to walk here?? This is like the ultimate all-time chop-suey of scenic pictures. A little bit of something for everyone: a winding road (not black either), a rail fence, red rock spires, towering pines and majestic mountains. And that's just for openers! Cue the V-formation of snow geese for their descent to the distant mountain lake (azure blue, of course) - Action! Yes, it was fun to do. Good one Pat, thanks!


:-) :-) :-)


Which reminds me of a picture a friend posted on Facebook last night of some whited-out, fuzzy objects. You really can't tell what they are. Superimposed was the following caption: "Come to Buffalo for the culture. Stay because you can't find your damn car."


I'm guessing it's because you wanted to go out and make a snowman today, but you can't find your snowpants and mittens.


Thanks very much, Gayle. Aren't humans a funny species? I'm guessing you noticed there's a theme to the four puzzles I posted. Don't know WHY my mind went in that direction today. ;-)


Since none of the other 230 people appear to have enjoyed the puzzle, I thought I'd better give you a little boost Pat. I enjoyed the puzzle very much. It made me want to step into the picture and enjoy a nice walk in the 50-degree weather. Nice puzzle; thanks for posting.