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Paper Dolls

81 pieces
40 solves
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Glad you enjoyed the puzzle yelllowgal and thank for your prayers. I admit, I'm nervous about the storm. I know New Jersey is getting the brunt of it but we're still getting rains and steady winds and gusts.
I knew my luck would run out quartina!!! I guess the hydrant is just scenery.......or ......they're really dogs in bunny costumes. LOL


Funny Bunny likes the band outfit, and Clover (what a cute name for a bunny) likes the flowered dress in the middle!
And what is the hydrant for? I didn't know bunnies used fire hydrants . . . .

Fun puzzle to do, cakes. . . I think I'd make PG the Funny Bunny, and I agree definately the cowboy outfit so he can ride his horses !!
You are in my prayers for peace of mind & safety during this crazy storm, stay dry & cozy :)


quartina ~ For Clover Bunny I pick the plaid outfit.
For Funny Bunny I pick the cowboy outfit. :))))