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End of november on the beach in Bermuda.

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Thanks Buck, our house is no problem, we have dry mode AC, but mom and dad's kitchen gets really hot when it is humid. I hope it is cold this Christmas, I have to cook two turkey dinners. One for mom and dad at noon and another for all of Jenny's family at 5:00pm. Should be a blast!
There are some good ones there PPM, glad it is working for you.


Buckeye, there are some nice stand-alone humidifiers available. I just got one from Amazon, and it seems to be working just fine, though it requires a bit of care to fill it without spilling a few drops of water.


Spoilt? YES!!! Brat? NO! Get yourself a dehumidifier so you can enjoy your Christmas turkey. Better yet, help me build a pipeline so you can just send me some of that humidity in the winter. The humidifier added onto my furnace died a few weeks ago and now I'm all dry and itchy!


Yes PKH, sure cleanses the senses, thanks.


There is nothing that compares to a frolic on white sand by azure water.


Hi Shirley, thanks.


Beautiful beach, Thanks Robbie.


Hey yellow, so you bought it from Ross Perot? I thought he went a little quiet lately! ( His boat has two huge engines that can be heard for miles around!!)

Thanks so much for showing our house on the rocks (one can dream!) my goodness, how gorgeous is this beach. Thanks for sharing it :)))


Hi Rob, it will dip to about 48F on a few days and nights, high 50s and low 60s mostly until march or april. The dampness causes more cold than anything else, it seems to penetrate most clothing. Tourists sometimes think the sheets are wet, but they are just cold. I love it, nice cold sheets and a blanket, window open!
Come on down donnalf!
Stay warm PLG.
I don't want to sound negative Healer but you might be better down south if you want warm weather, we are too far north and it is a crap shoot as far as the weather goes. Some years we can have beautiful weather in february with lots of sunny days and no gales but last couple of years....terrible! Good luck with the tickets hope it works out for you both.
Good that you can escape for a while cevas.
OK ready for you Graci and Buck!
This is a private access beach for Mid Ocean Club and homeowners BJ. They can let their dogs go but should be on a leash and owners potty trained!! Jenny and I are not members, the kids parents are that Jenny looks after. Very few people use the beach. I used to come by boat, have a visit then leave. The law states anything up to the high water mark is public which means most of the beach. It was great because we could wash our feet off in the water then take off in the boat, no sandy feet or smelly wet dogs to bug us!!
Hi JB and Hanne, thanks and enjoy your snow!


Wonderful picture Robbie :)


OK I'm back, sorry about that.
Thanks chickie.
I don't like the humidity chookies, we get high 90s most of the summer and sometimes at Christmas. Horrible trying to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and lots of gravy with 97% humidity!! ( Am I a spoilt brat?!)
My mates at immigration won't let you in Jacques!! (Heh, heh.)
Hi SPG, good to get the rain, we could use some more ourselves. Need some more time before I can help you, maybe someone else can. Will check it out later.
Have to cook for parents now will be back and start with you Rob, sorry.


Siiigggghhhhh!! We had the first snow yesterday!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


You've heard it all before below. Just wanted to say, Lucky You!! Beautiful!


Oh I have to go before I can answer you all , sorry will be back later to answer and be a general nuisance!! Hee-Hee.


Super place to go swimming, surprise you allow dogs on the beach.




I am on my way Robbie!


Great picture! Still raining here in Vancouver. I'm so glad to escape to your picture!


Your picture looks wonderful! I'm trying to talk my hubby into a trip south this winter. We recieved two tickets for a Caribbean Cruse in the mail Friday, but don't know if we'll use them. He isn't up to traveling anywhere, and we can do those things when he feels better.


I will answer you all tomorrow, I am leaving before I swear on site, I am fed up with comments disappearing and no puzzles appearing!! Thanks all, tomorrow!
Press POST now...


Wonderful! (We've been foggy and drizzly up here. Waiting for more snow, since the last batch melted.)

wish I was there instead of Jersey.


Now that looks very inviting Robbie - don't like the sound of gales for 3 to 4 months though!! Does the temp dip down much?


We have had around 5" of beautiful welcome rain in the last few days, but it is nice to do this jig and dream about some warm sunshine. Fellow all-stars - re: the new jigidi - I like it except it appears I can no longer filter to just see my Favorites puzzles in specific size ranges. Am I missing that somewhere?


I think I'll emigrate to Bermuda!!!


103(F) in Brisbane, Australia with humid and sticky temperatures. That's where robryan lives - poor luv, I feel for her!!


Very good Robbie. Just Awesome........We should be around 35 right now.


Thanks borris, PK and lyndee.
That is hot Tex, high 60s here now.
Hi bookish, last year the gales went from december to the end of march. The Island was brown! Thanks, Jenny takes most of the pictures, I'm still learning.
That is good for you isn't it lyndee?


What a fun shot Robbie/Jenny. Thanks


Got 65 here in Northern Illinois today Tex. Hard to believe this is December!


Not good, Robbie. Think you mentioned they'll be in forecast for a month? BTW, your Bermudian Tourist Bureau should be paying you a salary for promoting your lovely island. We love it! Thanks. (1:04)


Looks like it's gonna be a sand dollar Christmas! Us too, we had temps of 83 today for a high. I was decorating the outside in shorts and tank top, here in December.


It's a beautiful beach. It must be nice to live in paradise all year long!


Awesome ....




We were spoilt for a couple of days , but today the gales and rain have started.