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Storage tanks for oil.

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Carl, you crack me up. : )


add beer and I'll come to you Catherina!


I think it is too late for that at our age young man.


Is this where the old people go to rub up against the tanks so they don't squeak? I will be right there if I can get up from the chair.


I am on a road which is a narrow chip and seal road. This was pretty far out in the boonies but only about 6 or 7 miles from my home. (which in turn tells you I live in the boonies)

Thank you Suzy.


jcarroll....your comment was a hoot!
Chickie-a good shot of an industrial sight.


Kinda out there by itself. Unless there is a road on the back side. Nice shot CM


Thank you Hanne, lyndee and Dottie.

There are lots of hills and woods down here lyndee. I never knew southern Illinois was so beautiful until I moved here. It is kind of like near Galena, Illinois.


Ditto, Laurajane, great angle! Thanks, Chickie!


You look like you live in an area with a lot of hills Chickie.


They look pretty worn!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Hi grannygoatlady. I am in southern Illinois. There are a lot of oil wells in this area.

Thank you laura, jc and Patti.

Only rain jc.


I think what I like best about this photo is the lack of snow! Had to blow snow again today. It is beautiful, but I'm ready for spring!


I am glad you thought my comment was funny, chickie. Actually I have hardly left the homestead the past month and I am running out of pictures to post. I am impatiently waiting for better weather so I can take more photos!
BTW, I hope all you got from this last storm was rain.


They look so stark and solitary. Great angle, chickie.


Ok, chickie...are you from Texas? These look like tanks down my way...........


LOL jc! Actually I do have some pics I took the same day as this, but I thought I'd change it up a little with these.
Thank you jc, morris and Gene.

Hope the sun comes out for you morris.


another good photo chickie


It does make an interesting, puzzle. Thanks for the blue sky, chickie. Another gloomy March day, here.


I am going to go out on a limb here and guess this is a metaphor. You are out of pictures and need to take more as soon as the weather allows, therefore, you're "scraping the bottom of the barrel." LOL!