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Someone wrapped this sweetie in duct tape and dumped her. SPCA was able to save her.

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I agree. That would be poetic justice!


I wish there was a law that allowed the same punishment to the perpetrator that he did to an innocent animal!


The good news is that the law is taking this kind of thing more seriously. They finally realize that, for these type of people, abusing animals is just a short step away from abusing children or adults. Meanwhile, lets get together and do the same thing to him.



This incident happened in the Philadelphis, Penn. area. Yes, the SPCA was able to remove the tape without harming the poor cat. And, I'm sure she now has a loving home. I just don't understand why these inhumans go to all that trouble just to dump the animal. Why not just bring it into the SPCA?? There is truly evil lurking in a soul that can torture an animal!

Whoever did this should be duct taped and thrown to the side of the road, like this poor kitty.


people are disgusting. whoever did this is a scumbag


I hope they catch that monster who did this inhuman act. I also hope they were able to get the tape off without harming the cat too much. There are some horrible people out there.

This is terrible. Some people make me sick. How could anyone think anything up like this? It's beyond anything I can understand. Thanks for posting, Marion. So sad. Glad the kitten was found and saved. Praying she has a great life and a happy home.


Oh dear God...why? Why? Why would anyone do such a thing...I hope she has found someone who will love and cherish her. There are no words to describe the sub-human that does such a thing. Yes, I pray there is karma. let's hope they ran out of doesn't bear thinking about


Where did this happen, marion? The beast would probably claim the reward and walk away with a slap on the wrist...knowing the courts really don't protect animals that much. At least with that awful sled dog massacre in British Columbia we finally did get new laws for working dogs...even if the government itself won't fund any investigations. Now for the rest of the animal kingdom...


some people are so terrible >:(


Thanks for posting this "Sweetie." So glad that this sick act had a happy outcome.


"There oughta be a law!" Hey, wait, there are laws. I hope they get a chance to enforce them on the perpetrator of this heinous crime.


What goes around, comes around. There's a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the cruel imbicile who did this.

How mean!!! I am glad she was able to be saved......if you believe in hate to be that person who did this....