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Tic Tac Toe II

64 pieces
246 solves
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Tic Tac Toe II


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I see you prefer poker to tic tac toe LOL, I'm always happy if you find something enjoyable over here. :)) Thanks for dropping by and your always lovely comments. :))


I see three of a kind and a pair. Full house! Very sweet puzzle, Dagmar. I love the shaded backgrounds, but it made it a little trickier to solve. Thanks so much.


You are right Wendy, the memory game is still very usual here all over Europe you can buy it everywhere and I have played lots of times with my daughters and still play it with my younger nephews and nieces. :))


I'm glad you had fun Judy, it's always nice to read your comments they always put a smile on my face after a long day of work. :))

BTW did you find the comment I left you at the mixture of old and new puzzle about drawing with tablet.


Judy, I so agree with you. And this reminds me of the European cardboard tiles with items like these on them, and the object of the 'game' was to match them to their double. When I was a little kidlet, my mother bought a number of these for my siblings and I to play with.


Dagmar, I really think this puzzle is wonderful I like the blended backgrounds, the spheres, the differing bows, and the gingerbread men and woman. Very festive and well composed. thanks. I enjoyed solving it.