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Silverfallet, Skoevde, Sweden.

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Silverfallet is a very charming fall, 60 meters long and running down staircases of different rock. There are 3 different kinds of rock under this fall. But the fall is lovely, the water covers the rocks in thin beautiful cascades of veils. This is just the upper part. We'll follow it on it's way down through the beautiful wood in the next days.


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It was, Varda!! We had seen pictures but the real thing was the very best!! Thanks so very much!!

It's so funny, Ann, because this is one of those falls where you actually have many. 60 meters farther down is the foot of it but it varies very much on its way down. I'll try to show it!! Thanks so very much!!


Now this is more to my liking. It's fairly small--at least this part--shady and seemingly private, also appears a lot more gentle(though it may not be!), & beautiful with a character of its own. In this photo it seems to be gently calling to come & play at its foot. Thanks Hanne & Bent...........


What a delight it must have been to come upon this beautiful waterfall!


Anyway, we try, Ank!! I'm very glad that you thind we succeed!! Thanks so very much!

Thanks a lot gnt!!

I think there are some good shots among, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!

Don't you think it's because it's so light and veil-like?? Thanks so very much Jan!!


Another wonderful waterfall. Bent's photos are always beautiful. But, this one is particularly so. Very nice, Hanne. Thank you so much.


Beautiful, Hanne. Thanks for sharing. I like having something to look forward to. This promises to be delightful.


great photo


Lovely, you two find the most beautiful places. Thanks


Thanks so very much, Sandy, he is flattered!!

Thanks so very much Michelle, so glad you like it!!


Simply beautiful... Thank you.


Oh, I love this photo. Bent did a wonderful job of capturing it. Thanks Hanne.