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Write a Caption! 3 guys

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Dondi... these look like teenage boys. NOTHING is too dumb for them to try.


Carole, I have my suspicions. When a ladder slides, very few people manage to take a backwards header as their exit mode - your instinct is to stay with the ladder until you see the best opportunity to grab something or to jump. If you visualize the ladder standing up, it would have been against the wall, and if it slid, it would fetch up against the roof overhang - hard to figure out how it would jump out and keep sliding. The base of the ladder is too close to the building to be at a workable angle. The paint can has tipped over, but is not spilling, and you don't attempt to open a can when you're up on the ladder. And no way two people can paint from one ladder of that size; if two people were on the ladder, and one could reach the roof, he could stop the ladder from sliding; the fellow bailing from the ladder is too high up if the top man of the two grabbed the roof. etc. etc. The whole scene doesn't make visual or functional sense to me; I'm unable to construct a scenario, no matter how incompetent, to explain what we're seeing. The only element of the "crime scene" which looks real to me is the guy hanging from the roof.


That is indeed true, Pat! ROFL


Jim, John, and Jake wanted to make the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest house-painting triplets. Unfortunately, they were only able to achieve a Darwin Award.....


Their misery is self inflicted, JiggyBelle. We can laugh all we want to.


We probably shouldn't be laughing at these hapless fellas, but it's hard NOT to!


((Giggling at JCarroll))




As anticipted, the first episode of "Painting with the Stars" was full of thrills and chills. "Paramedics are standing by!"


Dullard, Eejit and Oaf, exterior decorators. We aim to please. Unfortunately our aim isn't always too good.


The stooges learned the hard way that ladders aren't meant for 3 people at once.

(I'm sorry, but I don't feel funny yet today.)


Jan, I sure hope this was a PhotoShop product! My husband would tell workers on our construction jobs, "If you fall, you're fired before you hit ground!"


Thats funny Jcarroll


Miracle Painting Company!
Our motto is "If you're happy with our job, it's a Miracle!"


And what they were painting was the bottom foundation!

I think we need to rethink our act!


How many men does it take to paint a peak


the three stooges. larry moe and curly


Must be "college pro" painters.