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Capilano River, North Vancouver

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I took this picture at the end of September after a long dry summer.


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Hi Starlord. Yes, you're right. There is definitely something missing!!

Thank you Ank! I'm glad you like this picture!! It was a bit too dry last summer.!! Thank you for your good wishes!! I hope you have a wonderful summer this year in the Netherlands!!

Thank you Lorna. Yes, long stretches with no rain cause many problems. I hope we have a more normal summer this year.

Hi PamCal. Thank you for your note! And you're welcome.

Thank you Suzy. It's not a typical "river" picture, is it?


Like the river rock in this.

It's always interesting to see a dry river bed. Thanks for the photos.


Amazing picture, and obviously bad news for the fish. I know rain is not the most popular weather feature but this is a stark reminder of its value!


Danny is right, not much. But it makes a great photo.
I don't know what I like more, your long dry summer or our long wet (cold) summer. I think I prefer yours. I hope we will have a real summer again, the last three were bad. Have a nice day friend.


Doesn't look too much like a river to me :-)
Just as I wanted to go rafting :-)


Hi PLG Thank you. We get lots of rain during the winter but sometimes we don't get enough during the summer. It makes it difficult for the salmon to swim up the river to spawn.

Thank you jzmatlik!

Hi tekchal. Thank you for your note. I think you had quite a bit of snow this winter, didn't you? Perhaps that will help keep the water supplies higher this summer.


Illinois is pulling out of a drought, too. The corn crop was so bad most farmers didn't even bother harvesting it. And the wild life was coming into towns for food. Bad news for those of us with cats or small dogs (or kids)

Also good picture.


Oh, gee. That's REALLY dry! I hope this year will be better!