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When you stop chasing the wrong things...

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Janet, I haven't been on for quite awhile. Was wondering how things were going with you. Great news that you have found true love and that his son wants to call you Mom. Wishing you all the happiness with your new family.


Congratulations, Janet Jane! Wishing you all the best.


Well, I am glad y'all have been paying attention because I had planned on giving a quiz! Now I never was involved with Vpach or Vanderose; no one else but Younas in my life...all 5 of my suitors have been notified! Two weren't even on Jigidi.. ... And Oddio and I broke up what seems like a very long time ago now... In fact, when Oddio asked me to marry him...there were four men that I sent our announcement to... I am honest with the men who were/ are courting me... They all know that I finally
met the man of my dreams...which is Younas. And just tonight his 14 year old son emailed me asked me if he could call me 'Mom" (because his mother died when he was four years old. ) I told him that
it was all right with me..but that we I needed to discuss that with his father because he had been married to his mother and I didn't want to insert myself into the picture without his father's feeings on the matter..And Younas, emailed me back right away and said he was very happy that his son wants to call me "Mom"... and that he told his son that he hopes he (Younas) and I can be married as soon as he gets back to the USA.. And I am looking forward to having a son, and being a parent ...and I am more than ready to settle down again.. Because Younas and I are a truly a good match...Now I know not everyone will be happy to read this...but I think some of you in jigidi land will be happy that two people found happiness and are devoted to staying together. Because neither he nor I would settle for junk or a lesser love.... we are both old enough and wise enough now... to know exactly what we want in life and in love.


Don't forget Vanderose.


We've been following the oddio vpach Younas developments, that's what is going on here.


I have no idea what's going on here...but I think your sentiment is both beautiful and true, Janet Jane.


Are you doing a John Wayne impersonation? The men in my recent life...LOL...I think you have it backwards, JW.... the men were chasing me.! Sorry to ruin your image of me ..

fully aware of what "chase" means, Missy. Of course I have had dreams, as does anyone with an ounce of gumption. But that doesn't mean you have to be running hither and yon going after something which may or may not be any good for you anyway. The men in your recent past for example.


Well said JJ! Thanks for the puzzle, with added wisdom.


You never pursued a goal or a dream, Chris,? ..that is what "chase" means - to pursue.. I have never had worthwhile accomplishment in life just happen to fall into my lap without pursuing it first..Have you? :)))

Why chase anything? If it's meant to be, you'll get it. Relax.