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harbourside Looe Cornwall

70 pieces
95 solves
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he knows you know. glad you had a nice time out Joyce my turn next. Karl and Emer have gone to Carlisle today, She is getting her hair dipped, oh dear. She has 'red' hair, very long and is having the tips dyed red red. So I stewed some steak and he is to make a pie when he comes home, nom. Second time this week I have cooked, last time I got stuck in the kitchen when the electricity went off. Luckily Karl came round to save me:)


Looks like a fun place to walk around and get a bite to eat since Noggin already picked the spot for us!!! Thanks June!! :)))
(time, 5:12)
................ coffee time was good as usual and I got my quarterly realty tax paid. :))))


Guess the food here must be good. The nose knows. lol