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A glance from old Bermuda yesterday.

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Hi chickie, thanks.


Wow! Beautiful Robbie!


Hi JJ, thanks glad you enjoy the picture.


Nice puzzle, Robbiel, thanks, and this makes me feel nostalgic about Bermuda again...


Thanks Celeste, half dead plant, definitely dead rock and some live rocks with surf!


What a beautiful shot! Thanks Robbie :)


Right on Jon and thanks.
Yes PG, today it is illegal to take lobsters here, so we spend money for them!
Thanks JB!


Succinctly - BEAUTIFUL!


Jangel, can't you see the line in the water? It should be obvious even to the most casual observer. They put those lines so you know where you are not supposed to go or in most cases where the fishing or lobstering is the best due to lack of traffic. The line is a challenge for all to take up and so few do. Good going Robbie and now I bet without the line the fishing and lobstering is not half as good. It was their honey hole and you found it.


Too funny, Robbie - after all, who can tell where a border is on the water? It was all about the greater good!


Jon maybe he is photoreb? Actually we miss them, they built our runway, rented our houses and boosted our economy. We should be very grateful to the US service men and women who came through here. The only thing we did to get on their nerves was in our boat. There was an area near the runway where they stored weapons, bombs etcetera and there was a 100 yard or so no boating zone. Well one of our favourite lobster holes was in a reef just inside or outside the zone, not really sure. Every time we went over two guards with weapons would scram out in a jeep and wave us off. We waved to them and got our lobsters!! My granny and aunt rented houses to US personnel for about 25 years and we made many good friends and our families still exchange Christmas cards!
Yes Hanne thanks, it is very hot and salty out there right now, so they do look withered but never die!
Hi PK, thanks it sure is.


Bwess oo BBM!! Tank oo!


Beautiful place !!!!!


I'm actually sure it IS goldenrod, Robbie. But it's withering. Nice place really, good for you that it's free now!! Thanks so very much!!


What happened to the "gent" in photogent?


Yup, datz goeden wad ahwite, achooooo! Escooz pweeze.


Hi Suzy, sure is, thanks.
Had some good friends there PG, but nice to see the beach up close!
Sure is TC, thanks.
I thought so Morris, thank you.
Ok Graci, you love your beaches don't you?!


And this one too, thanks


Looks like goldenrod to me ,Rob.


So glad you can enjoy it now. It really is a special place.


Lucky you got rid of those dam Yanks now you can enjoy the beach.


Beautiful Bermuda!


I will have to ask David if this is Goldenrod weed. Or does anyone else know? I was born in Bermuda 62 years ago and yesterday was the first time I have ever been out on this point of land! This belonged to the US Navy Base and was a NASA tracking station years ago. Locals were not allowed on until the US forces and NASA packed up and left the Island recently. Now it is a public park with four lovely beaches for everyone to enjoy.