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Gardener's Fun

48 pieces
102 solves
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Hello 'aggie' you had the perfect name for it.
Hi Jana my friend, you like the tree also. I'm fine ! I wish you a very lovely Easter ! And a wonderful time with your family :-)))
thank you 'buntyt' for you question , I think it is a work yard..You all have a good Easter.I don't know in what Country.

Fantastic, loved it. What country is it in ? What is the strange bit of machinery in the background? Thank you for the puzzle.


How are you Erna? Good gardner :--))))))) thank you for this interesting photo:-)))))


Love your comment 'jjstorck' I'm not the owner, even thou I braided some Ficus trees , the in door kind. thanks for you in-put.


That is very unique. Are you the owner and did this when the trees were young? Thank you for sharing this incredible photo.