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three blind mice

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ah the fun of it all. not sure which rhyme I liked best they were all pretty gory but Puss in Boots was my favourite story


Ah, yes, another one of the sweet and sunny nursery rhymes that warmed our little hearts back then, when the world of childhood was still innocent and gentle.....! (My own favorite lullaby, sure to soothe a tot anxious about falling asleep, was Rock-a-bye Baby, with the baby all the way up in the tree-top, only to come crashing down, cradle and all...). LOL! Thanks, June--and Happy New Year!


Fun puzzle, love that farmer's wife, holding up her skirt and showing her pantaloons!!! LOL I'd like some chocolate and cheese please!!! Thanks again June!!! :)))
(Time, 5:38)


Hah just caught you. These poems weren't made for children they just took them over, they love anything like killing and disaster


Actually it's a terrible poem!! Why do children love things like that so much?? I remember that I did too!! Lack of empathy!! Thanks so very much June!!