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Theme: Stamps - Fiji Stamp - Purple Swamphen - (Prophrio prophyrio)

40 pieces
72 solves
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Goodness all to gracious.... Is there more than one kind of Grebe.... Good grief, now I must go consult an ornithologist... I suppose you have a degree in Ornitho too.... You are a wonder, Good Buddy.... If we get a good picture you shall see it..... :) :)


Yay! You found it! I had to tell you about it because I thought this was a great find! So Fiji actually has a RBPBP Swamphen. Amazing! Oh, I would love to be with ya'll at that swamp! What kind ofmGrebe is it? We have several here, mainly yearly migrators. I do hope you plan to take a picture of that chick sittin'cozy on Mama's back! Have fun, dear one!


Any way it reads its a great puzzle... Clever of you to find one... And by happy coincidence, Fiji's Swamp Hen's are purple (well.... Royal Bluey Purpley Blue Purple) too... Going to the Big Swamp this week... Heard there was a Grebe with a new baby on its back.... Sure hope we can find it.... Thanks mucho.... :) :)


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Shirley! Thank you for information that will greatly reduce my frustration, lol! Thanks, my friend. .... :-)


Good one Jill, Thank you.

Jill if you make a typing error in jigidi you can correct it, even now, just go back and correct it and click on save. I've had to do this several times.


You are very welcome, Jo! It has been fun looking for these stamps. I'm amazed at some of the beauty!


Bright Bird!! Love the lily pads in the background!! Thanks for showing us these pretty works of art!! :)


Title should read "Prophyrio prophyrio" and credit should read "". Sigh.