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Fish Face Fractal

45 pieces
90 solves
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Yes, Jill, it was my Eureka! moment for the day. You DO know a lot about me. Maybe I need to be more careful with my information on Jigidi! It's not quite an allergy to a particular antibiotic, but an overall reaction to all of them. After being bitten those two times, and being hospitalized and infused with massive amounts of two types of intravenous antibiotics, I usually get clostridium difficile colitis (c. diff.) whenever I'm forced to take one. It might come back to haunt me if I really need them at some point, but I'll worry about that if the time comes. I wasn't aware of the Jekyll profile, but that one and the Julia one are going into my Favorites so I don't miss seeing your puzzles. And I consider you a friend as well.


Thank you, Shirley. He does seem to be loveable, doesn't he? I was surprised that, when in the pieces format, it looked as if it had texture in the background. The coloring was unusual also. You are very welcome, my friend!


Lol, Gail. I've never thought putting Martha Stewart and spaceship together in one sentence! Yes, ma'am, we are one and the same. Clever to notice the simultaneous posting and the phraseology. I am also art4sight and Jekyll. I am on the island now and hope soon to post some more photos under Jekyll. I do say dear friend to those I feel as if I really know. I've seen photos of your house, photos of your 7 precious babies, received much needed advice from you just prior to Abby's giving birth and know that you developed an allergy to an antibiotic after your cat bit you as you held her on the way to the emergency vet. Yes, you are, indeed, my friend! Clever knew the origin of my name. ... :-)


Thank you, dear L. I added those brilliant colors just for the halibut.... naw, I really didn't say that! Most welcome, dear one!


I love him, great colour, fun puzzle to solve too, Thanks so much Jill.


Are you Jill4Art? I noticed each of you posted only two puzzles today. And you said on one of my puzzles "thanks, my friend", which is a Jill4Art trademarked phrase. I love your play on words with the Julia Set and Mandelbrot.


It looks like a spaceship with two all-seeing moonroofs as designed by Martha Stewart.


Very different... Brilliant colors.... Looks like a green halibut... You and your Tab are pretty clever good buddy.... Thanks for the fun puzzle.... :) :)