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SNOWFLAKES! (Accumulation size)

221 pieces
245 solves
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Gail - I couldn't agree with you more! Snowflakes should only fall on lawn and forests! LOL
Thank you so very much!!


This is very nice. I like seeing the snowflake accumulation on the puzzle much better than on my driveway or the streets. I love all the colors you used here. Thank you, Jan.


I am exhausted, too, Dagmar. We have been mucking out our bedroom and closets and decided to move furniture around and change up the storage units. Then, the plumbers came and spent MOST OF THE DAY. You do NOT even want to imagine their bill!
I'm sorry you've had no snow. I know how much you like it on the mountains! Maybe it will surprise you and come soon.

Thanks for your comments on the puzzle. There are so many puzzles on Jigidi and so many people, that it is impossible to look at all the puzzles. I used to scan all of them! But, from what I can see, they seem to like simpler images. I find that interesting.
Well, I am yawning and must say goodnight - - or good almost morning to you! :D


That's not just, 15:05, just one second quicker and I would have made the board LOL, you are becoming too popular, after 152 solves it is getting really hard to make the board. :)) Beautiful snowflakes, I wish they would fall here. There hasn't been any snow yet this year and winter is runnig out. In two or three weeks the first almond blossoms will be there and then spring will be approaching quickly.
I love the colours you have put the shading is just perfect, purples and pinks with a bit of blue are my favourite. (At least tonight - I don't really favour any particular colour combinations, but I like purple with dark pink)
I suppose I better come to an end, as I'm reading what I have written, it doesn't even make sense to me LOL. One o'clock in the morning after a long and tiring week is not the best time to write witty and intelligent comments. LOL.
Have a nice evening and hopefully see your tomorrow -or better today. :)))