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The "Moelledammen" og "Ringebakkerne" trip!

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- yes! Here it is!!! Ohhh.....


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AM I glad you do tex!! Thanks so very much!!

Ann to me this is the most spectacular place on the island in spring and autumn!! I do agree so totally with you!! That's why I'll post more of this view!! Thanks so very much!!


Such a wonderful surprise! Such breath-taking beauty! Thanks so much Hanne & Bent..................


Such beauty! I love this one. Thanks, Hanne.


Ohh yes, you said that it began looking like that with you!! And if it's rather cold at the same time it'll last longer!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


The renewal of life in spring is so beautiful. :)) It's wonderful to walk through the woods when the sun already warms but it isn't hot yet. :))
Thanks Hanne for a wonderful spring scene. :))


So do I, and am I glad that you do too!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Wow I love this one. So many different colors in the wood, and even more colors from the water and the sky. Just love this pic, thanks Bent, thanks Hanne.


I love that you love them, cappy, thanks so VERY much!!

Oh, I'm very glad you think so, Sandy, thanks so very much!!


What a pretty photo and I love the touch of blue of the sky hand hills near the top. thanks Hanne.

i love all your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's always there. From the different green nuances you can see that there are many different trees in this wood and the conifers just play a wonderful bass in the symphony. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Love the woods when the trees are starting to leaf and/or flower. Is the pond due to excess rain/snow or is it always there? Lovely view and lovely pastels. Thanks, Hanne..