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Grammar Nazi

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Thank you all for your comments. It's been fun.


two much! Stop this before we all get's nut's.


Mark Twain, who confessed to being a really good speller, claimed that it was a curse. Maybe he had a point.

Now if we could just get rid of all those superfluous apostrophe's that are becoming the accepted way too create the plural form. EEK!

We've become so accustomed to repeating these errors, we include them in our every-day speech...then worry that someone overhearing might think WE are the dummies!!! (such as "backerds"!!!) Hehehe!


Or the vetinary.

A friend and I were just discussing the jewelry--I thought it should be julery--she said jury!!! (as overheard on the Walmart paging system!) (And don't forget that wonderful person who sells your house--a REAL-A-TOR!!!) (Nu-CU-lar drives me NUTS!!! Albeit a short trip!!!) :D


Theirs just know way too teach some times! To bad....


How about "nucular", to quote an ex-president!?
Entertaining puzzle, Peahen. Thank you!


The ones that "get" me are: jewlery for jewelry and calvery for cavalry : (

thanks for the puzzle


Up here in northern PA, some of the less educated say "I seen it" and "sammich" for sandwich and liberry for library (although I have heard these on TV, too.

Also, try "your" "you're"


As a coed friend once said when describing something impressive: "Ossum!"


A long time ago, I used to correct everyone's grammar. I thought, surely they WANT to know how to speak correctly. Guess what? They didn't...and don't. Pretty soon LOLCAT English will be the norm. I can haz cheezburger? Sigh.


I, too, must be a reincarnated English professor... irregardless of what others think. (or as my daughter says: dis-irregardless) :-)))


Thanks, laurajane. I'm one of those people who want English spoken somewhat correctly. I know I'm loosing.


Hahahahaha! This is grate!