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Lily's still cute

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Have to take her picture every time I am at the zoo


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Hi Carol, I didn't see a comment by you on this puzzle, so that's why I posted the video. I love, as I know you do, showing off our wonderful Oregon creatures. Thanks.


Gail, my earlier comment pointed out the same video online of her swimming, although it doesnt show clearly that, yes, she can swim. The backyard pool was kept very shallow until they were sure she could swim well enough to fill it all the way. Sam was about 9 months when he was first allowed in the front yard pool which is too steep on the edges for tiny legs to climb out. He has grown so fast this year he is as tall as Chendra now and much less playful than he was before Lily was born.


Indeed she is cute! I love keeping up with her, Carol - thanks for the photos / puzzles!


She came out of the womb feisty and she's still feisty. What a character. Here's the video for anyone interested in seeing our zoo:

I see she's still figuring out her trunk. Carol, do you know if she can swim yet?


Almost 5 months. November 30. There's a video of her at playing in the pool. way too cute!

How old is she now? She's adorable!!!