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CHIHULY! Richmond! Octopus on Seabed Display

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This is a freeform octopus sitting on another piece that is also white. I really liked how he worked the surface of the glass on its body to make it appear Alive and charged with energy.


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Will be looking forward to seeing them, Dave! In the meantime, I have posted another Christmas ornament for you to see:

Let me know what you think... Michelle


This was a small piece in proportion to alot of the display-maybe 10-12" across. Sort of a filler thing. Some of his pieces in this display and other displays are 3-4ft across-just individual pieces. Some of the spheres in and around the boats and in this display were easily 2 ft. in diameter and perfect exact spheres with their designs and overlays. A few more photos will be coming tonight.


What was the size of the octopus? About? I am wondering how he creates these huge pieces. I was at the glass blowing shop at Tacoma's Glass Museum. Seeing the guys doing even the small stuff looked like a pretty hard job! Amazing. Thanks.


You're absolutely right, warbler. When I solved and magnified, the texture and tension were very evident. Yet another stunningly example of his great artistry. I envy you your visit...this is very high on my bucket list! Thanks again, Michelle


beautiful warbler!