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This is the fourth and final snow photo puzzle I am posting today that I took in our yard this week. This is one of Sue's many unique bird houses in our yard and areas. The birds get their choice of house colors. It won't be all that long before the birds start thinking about nesting. The neighborhood cats already starting coming into our yard this week and are in the mating mood.


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What a cute idea someone had and my first thought was, Sue. :-) I love this little apartment complex and I love the colors. They especially look good in the snow. Thanks for sharing more of Sue's unique bird houses. She does a great job and I'm sure the birds appreciate it. Thanks for sharing these. It was a fun puzzle even though quite a challenge. :-)

Will do. Thanks again PW. connie


I just wanted to make sure you would be able show the picture to Harlan. Be sure to post a picture of the new bird houses [and a copy of the lease the birds have to sign. lol]

PW, thanks for the info, but since Harlan (if I can talk him into it) will be working on it here at the house. I'll make copies of Terry's pics, so he can have them to look at. I'd like to have it made and hung by the time my spring birds arrive. Now, if I can keep the Sparrows and Starlings out of it until a song bird finds it and decides to sign a long-term lease on it. connie

I just love it. I would love to have several pics from different angles, so I could try to figure out how it was made. One question; are the houses small buckets, and are they plastic or metal? They look like metal, but I'm thinking that metal will get too hot inside from our hot Texas sun. I appreciate you and Sue and the wonderful ideas I pick up from you. Thanks. connie


PW, that seemed pretty slick and was news to me but Sue already knew how to do it. Terry


The OTHER method is to right on the picture and go down to "Copy Picture" - then open up an email to Harlan, click in the message part and holding down the CTRL key, tap the "V" key and it will paste the picture in the email. Hope this helps.

This looks like something I will make up hopefully before things start happening here. Still having bad weather.

@ParsonWayne Several months ago when I tried this method, my friend received the email that had the link to the puzzle, but the link goes to the puzzle already cut in pieces with no picture of the puzzle---she had NO idea what she was solving and she was zipped off at me for sending her something that "took FOREVER to solve". Granted, it was an monotone abstract thing that was a little challenging anyway. I haven't tried sharing via Facebook. Nancy


PW: I didn't know that. Good idea, Terry


WHHBT, if you want to send a picture like this to Harlan, below the picture are 4 things you can do: Just click on "Share" and send it to him in an email.
Most of the Snow Birds are still in Florida, Terry - to answer the question.


Connie, Sue bought this at Joann's fabric store ten years ago. I am sure they no longer carry them today. It doesn't look too difficult to make. I can email this photo but I could go out and take a photo without the snow from a couple of different angles. Let me know, Terry

Ok, who made this? I love it! If I can figure out how it's made, I'm gonna have me one.
Terry, could you email me a pic of this? I want my son, Harlan to see it. It's one of the neatest bird houses I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing it. connie