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Swiftly Swirling (Smaller)

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I draw them by hand because I don't know how to make them any other way! I can use LunaPic to swirl the center of a Paint puzzle, but I don't know how to make a full swirl except by drawing it. And it really isn't hard, since Paint lets me make uniform (meaning not wobbly, the way I draw when I use the paintbrush on Paint!) ovals and circles, so I just have to overlap them and I've made a swirl! But thanks for the compliment, even if I don't deserve it! ;-)))


I like them all but everyone here is right on with this one. I do like the dark lines and bullseye in the center but they are harder and more serious. I didn't know you drew these by hand with Microsoft paint---you are talented.




I thought that was a red-eye staring out at us....


Thanks so much, chilisand, PJ, Ardy, and Wendy! Maybe it's not just the colors that make it serene--it also doesn't have a staring eye for a change! :-)))


Pat, yes, the word "serene" fits this very nicely. I think I told you before that I like your no-lines swirly things more. Although on occasion I think the lines look better. Like you though, I am hit or miss with colors. I think I should hire Barb to do my color selections.


All Barb said plus Wendy's serene feeling I think covers this nicely. Thanks, Pat.


Pat - lovely, I was dancing through the solving in utter enjoyment...


Thank you.


Thanks, Katie! :-)))


Thanks for the sweet swirl Pat! I can't say it any better than Barb.


Oooooops, Barb, how did I miss your artfully articulate alliteration?!!! Sorry! Thanks so much! :-)))))


Thanks so much, madpol! Yes, I use MSPaint for my swirls. Most of the time, I use black lines to draw each oval, then color the sections in, but occasionally I just use the colors without outlines and layer one over the other, which is what I did here. I'm glad you like it. :-)))


Did you draw this yourself?? Wow!


Thanks, Wendy! I drew it without lines, again, and I was really pleased with the softness--sometimes I get the colors right, sometimes I don't, and this one felt right... I love the word you used: serene!


Such a swiftly, swirling, swizzling, super sweet puzzle, Pat, thanks!!! :-)))


Ohhhhh, I love the colors and the serene feel of this one. Very nicely done, Pat. :-)