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my first kleido.001

25 pieces
95 solves
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That is very impressive for a first try. I can't wait to see what you can do once you "learn" it! You are now in my Favorites.


Chrissie, Years ago we had a Nikon, they are good cameras. I choose the Canon 60D because it has a 360* lcd screen that allows me to get down low or up high photo's without as much body contortions; I am getting arthritis that makes it hard/painful to crawl around for close photos like I use to be able to do. :>))) I have Corel Painter and hope to be able to see what it can do one of these days.
My niece is a photographer and she says that to be a good photographer you have to take lots of photo's.....


Thanks for that, Kathleen. I haven't used PS7.0 - went from Elements 1 after many years to E9 and then to PS CS5 last year. All of our programmes do more than we know how to do and it's a bonus when we share what we have learned with one another as no-one we can learn it all :-) I use a Nikon camera - an older Coolpix 5000. It's quite a good camera but I'm not the world's best photographer by a long chalk!


Chrissie, left this for puzzaddled on one of my other posts; hope you do not mind me copying.

I use PhotoShop 7.0, it's old but I like it and it does more than I know how to do; my husband does like elements better. I try and learn or re-enforce new techniques with each post; I also like photography and have a new Cannon 60D that I am trying to learn to use; had a Sony 848 before that. All of the photo's I use are my own unless it is for something special then I note the credit. Just retired over a year ago and hope to spend more time on stuff like this. I do go out to you-tube for instructions on how to do different techniques etc.


What editing programme/s are you using, please?


Chrissie, I also love your work, if you can give me any pointers I would appreciate it.

Actually the bevelled look is something I have used on the frames for quite a while; on the 3rd ring out I embossed the layer and choose white (highlight) and the dark color from the photo instead of black (defalt shadow) this tends to give a clear look. You have to be careful to keep your light source at the same angle for all the layers. You also have to start with the top layer for manipulation and work down or they all pick-up the new feature.


It's gorgeous, Kathleen! And this is your first! Hooley Dooley, we have some treats ahead for us :-) I like the 3D effect here; colour choices and complimentary framing really adds to it. How on earth did you get that clear bevelled jewel like centre? Seems I need to spend more time on YouTube LOL. Thanks for sharing this with us.


nanax4, I have found that you can learn almost anything by watching you-tube....


I agree, it's a jewel, Kathleen! Thanks for the instructions. I've often wondered how these were made.


Queenbee, thanks so much, this was easier than I thought it would be to do and think I will be doing more; I usually post a small and med size because I know people have different reasons for doing different sizes.


twoclubs, these are parts of photos that you manipulate in a graphic program like photoshop or corel paint. For this one I used one of my flower photo's. I went out to you-tube and watched and followed tutorials on how to do them, had fun on this first one.


Congradulations Pilley!! Now since this #1 turned out to be a" jewel "of a kaleidoscope, you just have to make more for us to solve!! I love the small size also!! Soo much fun, thankyou!! :)


Nice pilley. I see lots of similar things and fractals on jigidi but have no idea how they are done. Is it trick photography of some kind? Thanks.